EGTalkTv Episode 1: Fashion, Beauty & Fitness Talk Featuring NBA’s Indiana Pacemates

Yes, you read that right, this is episode 1 of a series of Fashion, Beauty and Fitness Talk with Earthlingorgeous on my YouTube Channel a.k.a. EGTv (chos!) My first guest is the NBA Indiana Pacemates who visited a couple days ago. They are the dancesquad / cheerleader of the Indiana Pacer and they will be back in October for the NBA Global Games 2013. Like I said in an earlier post, I’m not really an NBA fan because I don’t watch basketball and we don’t have a man in the house who watch sports any kind of sports haha! So instead of talking about things I don’t understand, I decided to interview the Indiana Pacemates and ask them about the things I know best and what girls likes most and that is fashion and beauty stuff and things that make them more gorgeous!

NBA Indiana Pacemates in Manila

Here are the Indiana Pacemates!
From left to right: (top photo) Megan, Jordan, Desiree, Erica, Arbara and Walleska!

We talked about the 3 makeup item they can’t live without, exercises and other things they do to keep fit and the fashion item/s they love to wear! 

See how these ladies dance

How about you,  What 3 makeup items you can’t live without?  What exercise or other regimen you do to keep fit?  and What fashion item you love to wear?

Expect more of this interview from now on only at EGTv!  

Stay gorgeous everyone!

6 thoughts on “EGTalkTv Episode 1: Fashion, Beauty & Fitness Talk Featuring NBA’s Indiana Pacemates

  1. Wow! you’re so lucky to have that interview. It seems that they are all beauty conscious even though they have a busy schedules. For me the three beauty things I can’t live without are my lipstick, blush on and press powder.

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