Finally! I Tried Pole Dancing #ConquerthePole at Polecats

Finally! I Tried Pole Dancing #ConquerthePole at Polecats

Did I conquer the pole?   Did I enjoy it?   Was it hard?   Can mommies try pole dancing too? What are the benefits of pole dancing? How was the experience? I know you have such questions like this in mind right now, I promise to answer all question later!  I just want to share that finally I tried Pole Dancing .  I had my first class today at Pole Cats Manila.  When I said first there will be a 2nd,3rd, 4th and so on and so forth! Haha!

Here’s before I get acquainted with the pole

Guess where I am! #ConquerthePole @PoleCatsManila
Here’s after an hour of our Pole Dance instructor CD teaching us the basics.  And yes, we were able to take videos of the whole dance! Yay!

Was I able to pull myself up? Haha! #ConquerthePole 1st class with @PoleCatsManila success?!
She told us to let our hair down and wear shorter shorts next time and yes some makeup to feel more sexier! Woot!

Here’s my mommy blogger classmates! It was my first time to meet all of them! Yay new friends!

PoleCats Pole Dancing Class
Promise will tell you more later! And yes will show you my first video. We were able to have one song one pole dance number yes! Haha! Thanks Polecats for hosting this Mommy and More Pole Dance class for us!

How about you, would you like to try Pole Dancing!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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