The Amusement Park Ride I Will Never Try Again — Ever!

The Amusement Park Ride I Will Never Try Again — Ever!

I was never afraid of heights, ever — but  this happened!

We were at the Sky Ranch Amusement Park in Tagaytay last Friday for Kenny Rogers Roaster . It was actually my first time to explore the place as although I’ve been in the area a lot of times, there was no opportunity to do so until today.    You can say that the place was a no biggie as it is just another amusement park, what make this place extra special was that it was at the side of the Taal lake with an amazing view of Taal Volcano.

Sky Ranch Amusement Park Tagaytay
The rides were not that biggie for me (so I thought) . I mean I’ve rode the scariest rides here in the Philippines and even abroad and it didn’t stop me from doing it again, until this one OMG! This just made me say never again!

Sky Ranch Amusement Park Tagaytay
That my friends is the Super Vikings

Sky Ranch Super Vikings Tagaytay
It looks simple and safe but yeah, truth be told, looks can be deceiving!

Here’s our game plan: Carousel, The Eye and then The Viking. Very simple, 3 rides, easy peasy!

Sky Ranch Amusement Park Tagaytay
The carousel ride was fun, kids ride, we even hopped horses and goof around taking photos while it was going around.

Sky Ranch Tagaytay Carousel
Sky Ranch Carousel
Then to The Eye. Super high. Super cold inside the whatchamacallit. It has airconditioning inside. And whoa you can see the entirety of Tagaytay City from up there!

Sky Ranch Tagaytay Adventure
Down below people look so tiny like ants!

Sky Ranch Tagaytay
Now for the kill! OMG! The Super Vikings!

Super Vikings at Sky Ranch
Here’s the gang before the ride started to swing, we still all look cool!

Sky Ranch The Vikings Ride
With me were: Seph Cham, Trice Nagusara, Niko Panti, Paul Chuapoco, Ava Teh-Zabat and Ana Gonzalez
During the ride

Skyranch Amusement Park Tagaytay Adventure
Again this happened



The Super Viking ride was about 3 minutes. The end of this video was not the end of the ride but I was dying for the ride to stop .  I could have endured had it not been that long and scary.  Just when I thought the siren was the end of the ride, I was wrong it was the beginning of the deadliest part of the ride.

So, you have been warned:  When you hear the siren horn OMG! brace yourself. Like brace yourself!

Super Vikings Sky Ranch Tagaytay
If you look at he video you can see how when we are all on a sitting position, the tower just across us is standing straight in a vertical upright position, but a few swings more the tower is laying down on a horizontal position. There’s also this deadly shaking thing happening in there too and I feel like my bag will fall off my lap!

I have sworn after this ride not to ride this again, never. I just can’t.  (None of the bloggers in the video were harmed during the ride or while the video was being shoot!)

We all got off the ride dizzy and still catching our breathe. As soon as we were out of the Sky Ranch Amusement Park we went looking for a place to eat Bulalo to cure our dizziness!

How about you, have you tried The Vikings ride at Sky Ranch Amusement Park in Tagaytay before? How was your experience? Care to share in the comment section below?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

8 thoughts on “The Amusement Park Ride I Will Never Try Again — Ever!

  1. I just went in the ‘perya’ with my friends a while ago and we took the vikings. At jusko, I promised to myself, I will not ride it ever again. Never again. And now, I’m suffering for nausea, dizziness and vomiting! Yung kaluluwa ko nilipad talaga. Hinang hina ako pagkatapos. And I’m the only one na nagsuka at di nag enjoy sa ride. Just wow. Thanks to that ride, vikings??.

  2. Hello Earth Rullan,, Yes i also experienced the super vikings kanina,, Maiihi na nga ako at maiiyak na sa kaba,,, sobrang taas ng swing nya,, tapos nasa pinakadulo pa kami,, haha

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