Organique ACAI USA Launch + #HealthyisBeautiful California Tour

It’s been almost two years since the first time I started a relationship with Organique ACAI. By the first year I have known the brand, I was the luckiest of all the people invited at the grand brand relaunch here in the Philippines when I won the all-expense paid trip to the California USA to see the home or Organique ACAI. The trip was supposedly to visit the plant, but since production schedule in US was changed to March, I instead covered the first and formal launch of Organique ACAI in the USA.

Organique ACAI USA Launch p_20161120_115025_bfOrganique ACAI USA Launch

I’m sure you are all wondering why the launch in US just happened now when here in the Philippines Organique ACAI was branded as US made and FDA approved. Don’t get confused, formal launch is different from since the product has been used and circulated. In fact there are a handful of people in the US who can say they have know the brand for more than two years.

Organique ACAI USA formal launch in the US happened at the Dream Palace Banquet Hall in Glendale California and was hosted by Regine Tolentino. Regine is one of Organique ACAI endorser and #HealthyisBeautiful advocate for the brand. Aside from hosting the main event, Regine led the Organique ACAI team, with Ms. Cathy Salimbangon and daughters Martina and Luisa (who came from Vancouver) who toured around California to promote and push the product to more Filipino consumers.

Organique ACAI USA Launch

Organique ACAI USA Launch

Among the places we visited for the Organique ACAI USA road tour were big Filipino stores like Island Pacific, Seafood City and Arko Foods which are run and owned by Asian Commodities. Asian Commodities is the biggest supplier of Filipino goods and products in the USA and it is also now the official distributor of Organique ACAI in the US.

Organique ACAI USA Launch #HealthyisBeautiful

Aside from me, they also invited ABS-CBN to cover the US launch and Tour, and Ricky Lo for Philippine Star who published the event the moment we all landed back to Manila!

Organique ACAI USA Launch

Organique ACAI USA Launch #HealthyisBeautiful

Meanwhile, Regine Tolentino being the #HealthyisBeautiful advocate for Organique ACAI also held Zumba sessions in some of the places we visited in California.

Organique ACAI USA Launch #HealthyisBeautiful

Organique ACAI USA Launch #HealthyisBeautiful

Organique ACAI is sold for about $50 in the US (tax inclusive). It was nice to see how well received the product was to g the people who tasted it on site of our product sampling booth in the stores we visited. Some even bought more than one bottle with them after.

With Ricky Lo and Regine Tolentino

Again, not to confuse everyone, Organique ACAI is made in the USA and FDA approved. Plus the brand had a major Makeover from its original look so it’s basically a relaunch. You may read my post on why should you drink Organique ACAI to know the health benefit of the product.

How about you, have you tried Organique ACAI? How was it for you?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

Some photos grabbed from Regine Tolentino

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