Using Your Travels to Inspire Your Home Gardening Efforts

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Using Your Travels to Inspire Your Home Gardening Efforts


Pretty much wherever I travel to I visit one or two local parks or gardens. Whether they are public spaces or privately owned places that are open to the public, they are always fascinating. Even if they are not perfectly kept they are great places to while away a couple of hours. You can enjoy nature, people watch, recharge your batteries and get inspiration for your own garden.

As you can see here, it should not be hard to find and buy the trees and plants that you have seen on your travels, so that you can plant them in your own garden. There are some pretty big online garden retailers out there who sell offer a huge range.

If the idea of using your travels for garden inspiration interests you, please read on. Below, I share a few tips and tricks to help you to do exactly that.

Do a bit of research

Before you travel to a city or other location take the time to find out what gardens and parks there are in the places you are planning to visit. Then add the ones that interest you the most to your itinerary. Botanical gardens are particularly good. They tend to have a bigger range of plants and fauna than your average public park does.

Take a few snapshots

When you see something you like, take plenty of photos of it. If there is a plaque or label that tells you what it is, definitely take a photo of that too. This will help you to label up your plant photos appropriately, so that you can easily find and buy them when you return home.

More ways to find out the name

Unfortunately, a lot of plants will not be clearly labeled. So, to find out what they are called, may not be as easy. If you are lucky enough to see a gardener while looking around, stop and ask him or her. Usually, they will be delighted to tell you. Often, they will also tell you a little about the plant itself. For example, what type of soil it needs to grow well. Invaluable information you can use if to decide whether or not you can plant them in your own garden.

Often, you will not be lucky enough to find a gardener. So, if you happen to fall into conversation with a local resident ask them if they like gardening. If they say yes show them some of the photos and ask them if they know the names.

Look out for focal points and garden features

As well as photographing individual plants and trees remember to take snaps of any arrangements, features or layouts you like the look of. For example, a small tree with a particularly attractive mix of flowers planted around it, take a photo from a distance. Make sure that you take several from different angles before getting in close and photographing the individual plants that have been used.

Taking photos of plants can be tricky. There are techniques you can use to make sure that you get clear shots. So, before you travel take the time to go online and go through a few plant photography tutorials.

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