Penshoppe 5-Piece Makeup Brush Set

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Penshoppe 5-Piece Makeup Brush Set

For a local brand who is expected to get more expensive by the day because of the roster of their A-list Hollywood endorsers it is surprising that they maintained the same affordable price and keep on getting better with their designs and product offerings, such as the return of the Penshoppe Personal Care products including makeup.   I was surprised to see a makeup brush set that is very cheap and yet has good quality .

The Penshoppe 5-Piece Makeup Brush Set comes in a nice magnetize wallet type-case for easy access and use.

Penshoppe makeup brush set
Penshoppe makeup brush set
Penshoppe makeup brush setPenshoppe makeup brush set
I honestly don’t know the names of these brushes but so far I have used the biggest brush for powder, the two small pointed brushes for my eyeshadow one is for contouring and the other is for shading, the one with the sponge applicator is also for applying eyeshadow and the one with a comb is for eyebrows.

Penshoppe makeup brush set
Penshoppe makeup brush set
What I think about it:

  • For someone who is just starting to learn about makeup, there is nothing wrong if you buy makeup materials that are inexpensive/cheap to practice with then later on invest in the really expensive yet really good brands if you plan to do this as a profession.  I have tried a couple of makeup brushes and so far the only issue I have with them is that when the bristles starts to shed and when it becomes too coarse.
  • I’ve washed these brushes once and so far there was no shedding and the bristles did not become coarse.
  • The bristles were surprisingly soft and are able to pick-up makeup products the way you want it.
  • I was happy with the two pointed brush that I used for contouring and shading my eyebrow, they did good.

Do I recommend it?
Yes, especially for beginners. These brush are good for practice and play. At Php249.00 a set I also recommend this as gifts to highschool or college students who likes makeup but can’t afford expensive makeup brushes yet. In fact these makeu brushes makes an ideal Christmas gift for girls!

How about you, have you tried Penshoppe’s makeup brushes yet? What do you think?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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