Facebook is down #FBdown #fboutage

This is Crazy ! Facebook Longest Outage + 2 Others, what went wrong? #FBdown

Update: as of 630am FB is slowly getting back on track. Slowly but surely.  But expect some of your posts and things might be gone, Forever!

12 midnight Manila time, was about to make my final Facebook rounds before going to bed when my laptop showed me a weird message:


Facebook is down #FBdown #fboutage

The message read:  “Sorry, something went wrong.  We’re working on it and we’ll get it fixed as soon as we can.”

I was like, OK.  At first, I thought it was my Wi-Fi or someone who hacked my Facebook account so I went to Twitter to confirm if it was just me.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t just me, a couple of friends said they can’t open their Facebook desktop or mobile.  I went to my Viber groups and asked if they can open their Facebook, they still can until after 30 minutes later, they said their Facebook was down.

Reuters , the news network picked up the news and said yes #FBisdown #FBdown #FBoutage.

Aside from Facebook, two other networks under its wings also was suffering an outage, Instagram and Whatsapp.

As of 5am Manila time, technical experts FB engineers were on their way to Facebook headquarters in California to fix the problem.   OMG!  Did they hire a lot of nerdy techy experts hackers and the likes to fix this issue?  I wonder how Mark Zuckerberg is doing right now.

Honestly, I don’t want to lose Facebook, 14 years of my memories are in there.  I do hope FB recovers from this shit.  I wonder what happened!

Oh, while you were sleeping and while a whistleblower was revealing things about Facebook .

Here’s the news about Facebook down this 2021!

Here’s me visiting Facebook Headquarters in Manila. Oh the memories and the famous wall!


Here’s my vlog from that visit :


If you Missed Facebook comment below!  Yeah opened the comment section for this.



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