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Where Did The Pasyon Go?

That is not a misspelling. I am not referring to something hot and oh lalala! I am referring to the Passion of Christ and the local tradition of Pabasa or Pasyon where devotees sing instead of read the verse of the life in the suffering of Christ. If I remember it right, there were still […]


Palm Sunday And The Palm Leaf

This day is one of the most important time in Christian faith as Palm Sunday is the day Jesus arrived in Jerusalem for the Passover.  It is when a great crowds gathered on the street and waved palm leaf branches to welcome his arrival.  It is a day of celebration and of sorrow as five […]


Choosing Quality Tactical Pants

If your loved on is in the military, police or government service or just someone who like to have adventurous trips like rock climbing, snowboarding or survival game they should always wear tactical gear to protect themselves. Quality is the utmost importance when buying tactical gears not just something that wear and tears. There are […]


R for Red

This is my tribute to the color Red my favorite color, (I think it’s already obvious with my profile pic and that gif image thereon my sidebar) R for Red, ABC Wednesday letter of the week! Red is the color of conflicting emotions, love and rage that either inspires kindness or war. It is the […]

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