Mass To Kick-off Retrieval of Remaining Cadavers in Sunken Princess Of The Stars

A thanksgiving mass will be held on Sunday, October 26, at Sibuyan Island in Romblon for the successful retrieval of the toxic chemicals buried inside the ill-fated MV Princess of the Stars. The mass will also be held to ask guidance and blessings for the safety of the divers and successful retrieval of the remains of more than 300 cadavers inside the sunken ship.

Mayor Nanette Tansingco of San Fernando expressed relief that an environmental disaster had been averted with the retrieval of the toxic chemicals from the Princess of the Stars, which sank off the coast of San Fernando, Sibuyan Island.

“The people of San Fernando and the entire province of Romblon are very happy with the successful removal of toxic cargo from the wreck in the Sibuyan Sea because the ecological time bomb had been diffused,” Mayor Tansignco said. She also expressed relief after the fishing ban was lifted.

Relatives are asked not to go to Sibuyan Island and instead wait for the announcement when they can go to Cebu where the remains will be shipped for identification. She explained that retrieval operations are offshore. All the remains will be brought onboard a ship that will transport them to Cebu.

Everyone is asked to pray for the divers safety, physical fitness and psychological stability as personally I could imagine how traumatizing it is to recover cadavers that has been under the sea for almost three months. Earlier reports said it would take four divers to retrieve one cadaver. The Sulpicio Lines together with the salvage company Titan Salvor and it’s local partner Harbor Star ensures safety of divers in this operation.
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