Philippine Bloggers vs Philippine Traditional Media What’s It All About

From what I know, it all started from the President Noynoy Aquino’s administration,  when he started to become friendly and inclusive when it comes to new media covering government /palace activities.

Bloggers then became more prominent at Malacañang press conferences and other coverages/activity.  The traditional media became uncomfortable thinking and feeling there is favoritism going.

Then this year, President Rodrigo Duterte’s communications team dropped the bomb, “social media bloggers with at least 5000 following can be accredited to cover Malakanyang palace”.  Read this story by Inquirer on the said Department Order:

Philippine bloggers as Philippine traditional media

At a press conference in Malacañang recorded by the government station RTVM,  traditional media’s resistance to such a bold move was expressed loudly.  Watch this:

And then a recent Rappler article maliciously published this story insinuating that bloggers who are enjoying the same privileges as they have with trad media unacceptable.

Philippine bloggers vs Philippine Mainstream Media

Jane Uymatiao  was part of the 14 accredited and so she reacted.  You may read her post here but here’s a screencap:

Philippine bloggers as Philippine traditional media

Now,  this Gabriela representative wanting bloggers to “advertise” their private addresses, for reasons I don’t know. Here’s the screencap:

Philippine bloggers vs Philippine Mainstream Media

Edit: apparently the call to reveal addresses was a propaganda by apparently someone who was not even attending at the discussion

Bloggers vs trad media


As a part of the Philippine blogosphere I reacted! 

I don’t know what beef these mainstream media have with bloggers/new media, especially those who went through the entire process for an accreditation to cover government related events.

This Pia girl from Rappler who maliciously headlined her article that the 14 bloggers who got accredited to cover the ASEAN Summit are a nuisance and are using the tax payers money to be fed and cover the event.

Excuse me?
Bloggers are tax payers too in case you didn’t know.

What do you mean to imply, Pia?

If this is the road you want to take, let’s give back your perception of bloggers to you mainstream reporters.

You as reporters/ trad media who cover the government events are also being fed by and use the facilities in your beat (i.e the govt offices) therefore using taxpayers money and yet you are also paid a regular salary by the media entity to do your work as well.

Bloggers spend from their own pockets no media entity gives them a salary to cover such.

I am saddened that this is escalating at this cheap level . These mainstream media who belong to a press corps are being territorial as if they were true to the kind of work they do, inform and educate as journalist, they wouldn’t be greedy or exclusive to share access to information. After all that is what they swore to do share the news.

While trad media follows rules on how they conduct their work, no bias and only facts, no opinion, only facts. When the “facts” are being presented this way, it is no longer fact but opinion and is trying to form a perception based on their own biases. Bias and not the facts.

Bloggers, on the other hand can write their opinion, that is what blogs are – personal and opinionated. They can present facts from both sides but still write from their own conclusion. Not the editors, not the the publisher, not the political color they side to but entirely their own.

This is what bloggers are, very public and transparent.  When you want all bloggers to reveal our place of residence is way too much.  What for?  Also, do all reporters from radio,  TV,  print advertise their own personal addresses when they report or publish their news stories?  I don’t think so.

If it may seem that bloggers wash their own laundry in public, that is how transparent we are that we are not afraid to call out our own kind not cover their asses just to look good.


A fear of something they don’t understand

All the aggression and worries  I believe all comes from the lack of understanding of bloggers and how we work.   Like all other professions, we are not perfect.  In fact, we are so imperfect that is why people can relate to us.  We are so open and transparent when it comes to our opinion.  We can deliver stories in real time as long as we have data or internet we can publish fast, right here right now.  Give me 30 minutes minimum.

Blogs are quantifiable as we have statistics measuring our readers demographics and how many read us the entire day.  Our numbers are quantifiable.  Whereas trad media is vague when it comes to being specific to their reach. We acknowledge the power you have but the times are changing.

We don’t want to compete. We just want access and be able to publish what the trad media are not allowed to publish because of their editorial policies.

Not all bloggers want to cover government/public offices so don’t make everyone reveal our identity or home addresses. Privacy issues and our right of privacy should also be remembered.

Plus it is an utter stupidity and ignorance to make all of us hand out our addresses freely.   From what I gathered this territorial behavior is way too much. Asking for addresses  should only be for those who want to cover government offices not everyone who quietly sits on her room writing about her dogs, her makeup, or her love life or the lack of it.  

That is why they should celebrate the accreditation for bloggers .  This way, they will know if the blogger is legit as he/she would need to submit documents and supporting requirements that will establish his/her identity as a blogger who is capable to cover a government beat.  Being an accredited blogger also makes one liable and responsible in case the blogger publish malicious or libelous articles.

Resistance to  social media and bloggers is futile.   It is time to embrace the new media and take extra measures of policies for those who want to act as member of the traditional media.

I hope the concerned Philippine bloggers and Philippine traditional media can sit down in one venue and talk this out amicably.  I am sure this will ease the doubt and the tension.

I believe bloggers and trad media have one common goal when we publish/broadcasts,  we want to connect with our audiences make them informed and involved.   I just hope whoever gets accredited do not abuse the privilege.

For bloggers who want to be accredited to cover Malacañang sign up here and read requirements and rules.

P. S.  If I have missed something from the incident and facts that lead to this misunderstanding please let me know by writing it down at the comment section below.  Thank you.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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