Month: November 2008


We Are So Alike

Hi there! What’s your name? Ahhhh! So you live here too? Ewwww… did you fart? Smells awful. Hihihi! I did! Don’t we stink! We are so alike! To view more reflections for this week visit tnchick. By the way, I am celebrating my blog 1 year anniversary and I would like to invite you to […]


Fabulous Holiday Frames

Have you seen the latest eyeglass frames at Zennioptical? OMG! I am drooling at a couple of them. Like this one: Looks nice does it? There are more styles available in their Holiday frames collection that you will drool about. The price range from $8.00 to as high as $29.99 depending on the material. Here […]


R for Red

This is my tribute to the color Red my favorite color, (I think it’s already obvious with my profile pic and that gif image thereon my sidebar) R for Red, ABC Wednesday letter of the week! Red is the color of conflicting emotions, love and rage that either inspires kindness or war. It is the […]

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