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Fab Birthday Photo – Mommy Moments

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Theme for the week is the latest Birthday Photo and these were taken during Tasha’s 7th Birthday Party: January 11, 2009
Yes, I wasn’t smiling in this pic and most of the pics in the party, all my avid followers, blog readers and friends know how pissed I was at the beginning of my daughter’s birthday party.
Her birthday party theme is fairies, there was not much options for fairy but Barbie and Winks but I don’t like those so I just choose Tinker Belle.
Good thing my daughter never ever complains, unless she feels unbearable pain, she was happy to see so many children and people and was happy to see the pool! She looks at me with loving eyes like I am the most perfect mother in the world even though I am not. This made me smile feeling the unconditional love my daugther have for me all inconveniences are worth it.
This was taken at home after she spent the rest of the afternoon swimming! All wiped out after her swimming party. Having her soup and holding one of her gifts. She is getting ready to rip those gift wrappers off!
My baby is a big kid now!

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19 thoughts on “Fab Birthday Photo – Mommy Moments

  1. Looks like a great party! Your daughter seems really happy.

    Thanks for the invite and for the link. I’m still working on a decent blogroll, but I’ll definitely link back as soon as I got that running.

  2. Congratulation to your daughter and to you too being a mother in 7 years thats already an achievement. May pinagmanahan naman ang dalaga.
    Cheer up now you know better next time.

    Just to share yesterday we went to a big party then they found my sound licking and destroyed the bday cake. I thought this is not happening but he just continue to eat the cream and ask me later what are you going to do to me Mom? I don’t know he’s just turned 3 last week he thought its his bday. Luckily there was a backup cake. You wouldn’t want us to be your guest wouldn’t? you hehhe.

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