My Pink Lipstick & Things I Learned From My Daughter

While I do makeup reviews in my makeup corner, my daughter patiently observes with occasional burst of laughter, kicking on the wall, jumping or dancing or running around.  But still she remains patient until I’m done with my look or review.    One day, while I was doing house chores and she was left alone in the room, something happened.   Apparently, Tasha loved Maybelline’s The Jewels lipstick collection that I reviewed recently and when she had an solo time to tinker with my makeup while I was busy, she did.

"But Mommy, I did not play with your lipstick? Who told ypu that?"

“But Mommy, I did not play with your lipstick, promise! Who told you that anyway?”

Here are the things I learned from my daughter because of this incident:

    1. Daughters will always wanna emulate their moms.   The way mommy dresses, the way mommy puts on makeup, the way she shows love and affection and all the things that mommy does in the house.  I remember when I was my daughters age, I would play with my mother’s clothes and makeup.  I even wear her shoes even if I looked like Ronald McDonald because they were too big.
    2. Criminals will never ever admit to their fault even if they are caught red handed.  In my daughters case red/pink lip stained.   Why do I say this?  Well, Tasha tucked the lipsticks she used from my makeup box as neatly as she could.  Which just make it more obvious that somebody messed with my stuff as all my cosmetics are messy after I use them.  She tucked the Jewels together so nicely in the makeup box and it stood out!

    my everyday makeup mirror boxthumbody was playing with my makeup!

      1. Girls and makeup are inseparable.  Age, race, or religion I think doesn’t matter, as long as it’s pretty, makes us look prettier and are colorful and shiny glittery things, girls love it!
      2. Kids with autism will mature in time.  They all just need your love and patience as they go through the hardest part of their lives which is learning how to conform with the universal standard of “normal”/”average”.      The once uncontrollable, mischievous, aloof girl I know when she was a toddler had matured into a very sweet, music loving, gadget tinkering, makeup newbie, less mischievous and easily “commanded” child of mine forever.
      3. Our children knows how to hit the right button so ease our mad out.   So as not to further put them in a hot flame by nagging or reprimanding them, they will either give you a warm hug and sweet kisses so we forget the wrong things they did.

      Showered with kisses with pink lipstick!

      Tasha is too adorable not to forgive, so I let her pass on this one.  I should be the one to be very careful where I keep my things so as not to catch her attention and play with them when I am not around.   Right now, she “ask” for permission to use my lipstick by pointing at my makeup and say “chooks” lolz! (ah that will #6 of the things I learned from my daughter, she teachers me her language!) She also do the purse your lips together with a sound whenever I ask her how to use lipstick, which I think is super ultra cute!

      I have to be honest, my daughter taught me a lot of things about her and how to respond with kids like her.   I am not an expert but I can say I have a lot of time with my daughter to know better.  While I am not as strict as those practicing ABA or gluten free food for their child with autism I can say I have all the love and genuine care for her to do what is best for her and will not harm her.

      How about you, did you also had an adventure with your mother’s wardrobe/ makeup/shoes when you were a child?

      Stay gorgeous everyone!

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