It’s been more than a month since we won the Nestle Fitnesse 14 Days to Show Off Your Shape Challenge and I am sure most of you who voted and supported us all throughout the contest period are excited to know if we got the Ultimate Wardrobe already and want to see photos of us wearing the outfit.

Yesterday, we had our fun glamor time having a photo shoot with Wes Villarica at Parallax Studio in Makati wearing the designer clothes we won from Manila’s most coveted designers!  Being the 1st Nestle Fitnesse 14 Day Challenge winner Geiser Maclang had bigger plans for the publicity and documentation of it all and not just awarding and handing the clothes to us.

Here is a sneak preview of our glamorous photo shoot, Team Earthlingorgeousness Behind-The-Scenes Photoshoot For Nestle Fitnesse Challenge:

FYI: If you think modeling is easy? Think again! It’s super hard believe me! The photographer is so meticulous about taking the perfect shot so you have to give them the perfect pose, the perfect smile, and the perfect angle.  We started at 10AM and were done by 2PM.

Team Earthlingorgeousness Nestle Fitnesse Publicity Photoshoot

Belle look classy in her Channel gold dress and flirty on her Religioso dress.  Kessa looks stylish in her Kate Toralba coat and fashionable wearing her Hermes belt.  Wena looks majestic in her Rhet Eala gown and classy in her Jun Escario top.  I (Earth) think I look hot in my 7 For all Mankind (7FAM) super skinny jeans and sultry in my Michi Calica dress.

Thanks to Isha Andaya our stylist for the shoot who taught us how to work with the camera and made sure we look good on our final publicity photos.

Team Earthlingorgeousness Nestle Fitnesse Photoshoot Hair and Make-up

We would like to thank Omar Ermita of Shu Eemura for our make-up and Ara Fernando and her assistant for our hair.  Thank you for making team Earthlingorgeousness gorgeous indeed!

Team Earthlingorgeousness Nestle Fitnesse Ultimate Wardrobe

We got our clothes now, except for my Michi Calica dress and Wena’s Rhet Eala gown .   My boobs got bigger again (LMAO!) or we got the wrong size for the Michi Calica dress while Wena is still healthily losing weight so another adjustment has to be made with her gown.

Team Earthlingorgeousness Nestle Fitnesse Behind The Scenes Photoshoot

This is all I can share right now the better photos, the official photos, will be up soon but we won’t post it yet as it will be simultaneously publicized in leading newspapers, magazine, print ads and probably a billboard? (haha!)

Oh! Prior to this photo shoot we had our individual photo shoot during our fitting of the dresses. That’s when I realized it’s hard to be a model, especially if your modeling jeans because you have to highlight the length, fit, and shape of jeans.

Team Earthlingorgeousness dinner with Manila’s most coveted designers and Nestle Fitnesse fashion jury is tentatively set on January 21.

You can read about the entire challenge here:

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  5. Our sweet victory winning the challenge, thanks to all who voted for us!

Note: Thanks to Kessa for her trustworthy camera, my camera went weird on me that day the battery disappeared after taking one shot while my team was having their make-up.


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