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Kotex Luxe Designs Not Only White Pads Launch

WARNING! This post is meant for women readers only I suggest you find another post to read, if not, don’t say I didn’t warn you!

WOW is not just a statement of amazement and awe but also stands for something quite significant in feminine care, “Why Only White?” For as long as I can remember feminine pads/ menstrual pads/ feminine napkins were white.

But now Kimberly Clark came up with this innovative new product, which is their best and boldest one to date, the Kotex Luxe Ultrathin Designs, a refreshingly fashionable alternative to the standard white pads!

PackShot-Indie copy

Kotex Luxe Ultrathin Designs is the first ever product of its kind that combines superior technology with stunning superior designs that makes every women WOW!

Female fashion and beauty bloggers were gathered by Kotex for the launch and we were all awed by the cute new designs.  We even had the chance to create our own designs , know which brand of cosmetics or clothes represents ourselves and had fun taking photos in the photo wall.

Kotex WOW Party Manila @ BizU Greenbelt

Kotex WOW Party @ BizU

Kotex WOW Party in Manila @ BIzU Greenbelt

What I think about the designed pads?

Honestly, colored or designed pads doesn’t matter because in the end it will end bloody anyway! BUT…

Kotex Luxe Ultrathin Designs Pads

I always believe that wearing a nice piece of undergarment can make a whole impact in how a woman carries herself .  If she is wearing nice fitting undergarments she is full of confidence and exudes unparalleled sexiness, but if she is wearing an ill-fitting undergarments it will show because she would be reserved, shy or often adjusting whatever she could adjust in an obvious or discreet manner. So I guess you can think of the designed pads this way.

I’ve been using the new Kotex and  I love that its ultra-thin and ultra-soft at the same time, its very comfortable to wear.  However, its not ideal use for heavy days as it gets soaked easily.

But these pads are ideal use for those who are artsy fartsy and fun and nearing your last few days of menstruation, they are so comfortable, I swear. Much like an outdoor fireplace on a cold winter nights haha!


The Kotex Luxe designs comes in six gorgeous designs with two different themes, the “Girl Next Door”(right) and the “Indie Chic”(left) which they believe reflect the vibrant personalities of every woman in the world.

So, which Kotex Luxe Designs do you think suits your personality the best?  The Girl Next Door or the Indie Chic?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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  1. Kristine Buenaventura

    @earth parang maganda nga yun ah, lets color our napkin black! or red na lang kc magiging red din nman un hehehe

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