Better, Stronger, Bolder Gandiva Archery Center Caters to Serious Archers in the Philippines

I have been looking for a sport that does not put a lot of  stress on my lower body. Most exercises and sports out there definitely strain the legs,  knees and foot.  I have been doing cycling/spinning and I just got my knees injured.  I thought I got arthritis  but when I consulted a doctor it was muscle and tendon strain that I need to rest to heal for a while.

Luckily,  there is archery.  While it looks easy,  it takes a lot of discipline and upper arm and body strength .

Archery has been in the country for a while and Gandiva is one of those who has been operarting shooting ranges . Just recently they opened the biggest and first premiere archery range in the country,  the Gandiva Archery Center located at Sparta at Pioneer St.  Mandaluyong .

Gandiva Archery Center

Boasting of 380sqm facility has 12 lanes of 18 meter conceptualized to cater serious archers but can also cater beginners and pro archers alike.

What’s in Gandiva Archery Center

  • The most exciting feature of this new archery center is the diagnostic area that can measure and analyze every archers skill level.   It is equipped with a chonograph that is used to measure the speed of the arrow a high speed camera that will analyze an archer’s stance and form.Gandiva Archery Center review and rates
  • There is also a 12 seater lecture room that cnlan be used for archery lessons and archery seminars.
  • Viewing area on the second floor.
  • Armory service to cater minor repairs and major archery equipmemt upkeep.
  • Archery equipment for sale, like bows and arrows and accessories and equipment packages with some have inclusive free module program.

Gandiva Archery Center in Sparta Pioneer Mandaluyong offers membership packages for Php2,000. Unlimitted range passes for Php3,000 a month and archery trials for non-members of Php250+Php40 (paper target) +Php150 (equipment rental for an hour)  and range rentals for Php250 per hour for those with equipment .

Gandiva Archery Center review and rates


Would you like to try archery?

Stay gorgeous everyone!



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