I’m Starting The Year Light With Neutrogena Fine Fairness

Proud moment here!  I’m one of Neutrogena Fine Fairness Ambassador To Start The Year Light!

Please don’t laugh. I know I’m not fair and light skinned but I’m glad I was chosen to be one of their eight (8) Fine Fairness Ambassador to Start The Year Light.

Start The Year Light is Neutrogena’s campaign to encourage and inspire women to prepare and look forward to the brightest year possible. They have the same belief as I have that a woman should never have a year without brilliance and excitement. Through this campaign we want to empower every woman to have the best 2011 possible by bringing out her most radiant self.

The other Fine Fairness Ambassadors who will advocate a light year ahead include Manila’s current beauty icons: Solenn Heusaff, Patty Laurel, Isabel Roces, Georgia Schulze-del Rosario and fellow bloggers Phoebe Ann Ramos, Jane Kingsu-Cheng, Hannah Villasis and yours truly Earth Rullan

Nuetrogena said they selected us as we have proven that, like NEUTROGENA®, aside from being advocates of healthy beauty, are approachable, intelligent, naturally beautiful, clean, classic, and confident. (ehem! haha!)

Last Saturday was the first time we get to know the rest of the Fine Fairness ambassadors and our first weekend to start the year light, eight (8) weeks before 2011!

Our first Fine Fairness activity involved learning about the brand we represent, a healthy hearty lunch and lessons about wellness and personal visioning.


Dr. Jason Peñaranda, a medical doctor by profession who uses natural medicine instread of synthetic drugs or surgery to manage health, enlightened us by discussing the fundamentals of total wellness which involves the physical, mental and spiritual wellness. I learned so much from him especially about the right way to detox, proper nutrition by esposing the right diet plan for you and the best time to sleep (9PM-3AM).

A life coach by the person of Ms. Analei Atienza, a managing director of the Singapore School in Manila, taught us about the language of the mind and how to set goals for yourself. This activity was important going into a new year so we can have a clear picture of our 2011 goals, and so that we can envision the You who you want to be.  She taught us how blocking the negative vibes is important so that we can usher in the positive energy into our life and into 2011. We should get rid of the can’t do attitude into a can do attitude.

The first Fine Fairness Getaway made us experience the two of the eight (8) benefits of the the Neutrogena Fine Fairness Line the block and prevent. While FINE FAIRNESS® will block and prevent skin darkening so that your skin stays clear, we can now block and prevent bad vibes so that our disposition and our 2011 stay clear as well.


Neutrogena Fine Fairness Line works in 8 synergistic ways to give you radiant skin that lasts:

  • Protects your skin from UVB rays
  • Shields you from UVA rays
  • Restores healthy skin by helping block free radicals
  • Prevents skin darkening by helping to normalize melanin production
  • Blocks the appearance of melanin so skin stays clear
  • Enhances surface skin renewal
  • Helps calm and soothe skin to maintain an even tone
  • Lightens skin by providing an immediate whitening effect

I’m excited about our next adventure as we will be able to experience the other 6 benefits of Neutrogena Fine Fairness Line!

Neutrogena Fine Fairness Range

These were some of the Neutrogena Fine Fairness Line launched 4 months ago.

Right now I am test driving the three new additions to the Fine Fairness line. Will tell you more about them soon!

latest addition to Neutrogena Fine Fairness Line

These are the three new additions to the Fine Fairness Line I’m raving about!

Meanwhile, please join Neutrogena Philippines Facebook Page where you can read more of our adventures as Fine Fairness Ambassadors as we inch our way towards a light 2011. The page will be interactive where you can personally ask each of the ambassadors, including myself, any questions about beauty, fashion, health, and anything under the sun! Hope to see you there!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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  1. Thanks Ceemee fingers crossed I’ll get there! 🙂 hope you do too !