Philippines Now Holds Guinness World Record’s Most Number of People on the Catwalk

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Philippines Now Holds Guinness World Record’s Most Number of People on the Catwalk

First of all, I would like to extend my sincerest Congratulations to Ayala Malls, particularly to the New Glorietta Vibe for starting it right with a good vibe on it’s super elaborate opening day by setting a Guinness World Record of having the Most Number of People on the Catwalk  Yes, the Philippines is now the Guinness World Record holder for having 2,255 people in one fashion show! Isn’t that great!

New Glorietta Vibe Guiness World Record event

Some thought it was an easy-peasy deal. There were so many brands who joined and called for anyone who wanted to walk the catwalk. There are a lot of people out there who wants to be a model and have their 15 minute of fame. They even tapped the Philippines Top Bloggers to encourage their followers and readers to walk with them on the runway. In fact, Glorietta Vibe was aiming for 2,500 people in this one fabulous fashion show. But we actually had a few people down to the target.

Ms. Kristie Bennett from Guiness World Record

Trivia: But,  did you know that there was actually 47 people that was disqualified by the Guinness World Record Representative Ms. Kristie Bennett for not having satisfied the criteria as a runway model?

Ms.Kristie Bennette enumerating the qualifications to break the Guiness World Record
Ms. Kristie Bennett representing Guiness World Record

Oh yes, there was a criteria. In fact I was nervous hearing such. All I thought it was just the numbers that mattered but it wasn’t. According to the criteria she enumerated each individual model should be able to 1) show qualities of a professional model and therefore must be able to walk to the beat with ease ; 2) must walk with head held up high 3) must be able to adhere to the standards of a being a model.4) must reach the certain point/area of the runway to be counted. (P.S. Those were not the exact words but that is what I digested from what Ms.Bennett said.)

So, the show started. I was nervous. Ms. Bennett was doing her job watching very closely and paying attention to the details while the show was on-going.

Ms. Kristie Bennett @ New Glorietta Vibe

I was starstruck with the Guinness World Record representative by the way, I have been a fan of the records for as long as I can remember. Their job is not easy but how I wish I can be part of it someday. Having seen someone from the book up close was a dream come true.

Ms.Bennette made sure that each of the counters of each runway was correct and not cheated counts. She also was critical to the demeanor of each of the models on the runway. She was very serious with her job.

I was paying a lot of attention on her until some of the people I know came out of the stage one-by-one for Ferretti!

Liz Lanuzo Liz Lanuzo @ New Glorietta Vibe Ferretti

Lee Shen Gee Lee Shen Gee @ Glorietta Vibe Ferretti

Martha Sta. Barbara Martha Sta.Barbara @ New Glorietta Vibe Ferretti

Sai Sayson-Montes Sai Sayson-Montes @ New Glorietta Vibe for Folded & Hung

Kira Ramirez Kira Ramirez @ New Glorietta Vibe Ferreti

Jheng Santos-Baluyot Jheng Santos-Baluyot @ New Glorietta Vibe Ferretti

Kim Tan-Rodriguez Kim Rodriguez @ New Glorietta Vibe Ferreti

Bambi Bambi Fuentes @ New Glorietta Vibe Ferreti

Carizza Chua Carizza Chua @ New Glorietta Vibe Ferreti

Krisy Cruz @ New Glorietta Vibe Ferreti
The came Kyle Patrick! My heart skipped a beat we had our moment he stared at me as he sings Jeremy! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Kyle Patrick @ New Glorietta Vibe

Then the flash on the screen: Philippine Fashion Bloggers! OMG! I don’t know where to look and shoot! They were everywhere. I was only able to take a shot of Nika Benice. I saw Aisa Ipac, David Guison, Lisa Kahayon, Vern Enciso, Sarah Tirona and Tracy Ayson but was not able to take shots because the runway went crazy!

Nika Beniece @ New Glorietta Vibe Folded & Hung

Trivia: Did you know there were 5 runways with models doing the catwalk simultaneously that day!

Then some celebrities on the runway

Divine Lee Divine Lee @ New Glorietta Vibe

Hayden Kho Hayden Kho for Maldita Men

Victor Basa Victor Basa @ New Glorietta Vibe

RJ Ledesma RJ Ledesma @ New Glorietta Vibe

Kyle Patrick @ New Glorietta Vibe
Trivia: Ana Gonzalez and I was suppose to take the catwalk also but we were having so much fun frowing and content being fangirls (at the front seat) that we no longer want to move our butts out of it!

Frowing with @anagon at the #NewGloriettaVibeVIP section, the Ayalas, Zobel, Aquino , Araneta and Binay

Bamboo sang 5 songs live while waiting for the Guinness World Record tally and cross-checking.

Bamboo at New Glorietta Vibe event

carefully evaluating her tally sheets

Bamboo at New Glorietta Vibe event

Trivia:  Did you know, Guinnes also cross-checked ID’s of individual models who participated to make sure that the numbers are real and not faked.  40 well loved brands from the Glorietta Vibe participated in the show like Bayo, Plains and Prints, Bench, Gibi, The Ramp, Freeway, Maldita, A/X Exchange, Marks & Spencer, Mango, Cache Cache, Naturalizer, Florsheim,  Parfois, Bambu, Mayoral Silverfinds, Sperry Top-Sider Va Venetto, Terranova, Tango, Edgar Allan, Ferrett, Jag, Guess, Penshoppe, Bratpack, Mossimo, Melissa Shoes, Leaveland, Lee, Solo, Tomato, among others.

My New Glorietta Vibe opening experience was one of the greatest fashion coverage I ever had. I had so many moments with the celebrities that switched on my fan girl mode (Ms.Bennett of Guinness, Kyle Patrick and Bamboo) You can say this one goes in my book as well.

I can feel the front row at the New Glorietta Vibe

I was being maldita at the start of the coverage because of some mishap. I am so thankful to the people from AVA at the registration area for guests and media who recognized me as Earthlinggorgeous. She let us in to have cocktails and sit in the front row to rub elbows with the VIPs! Haha! Ang babaw ko lang pero I very much appreciate people who treat me nice or when they recognize me, super kilig lang. Makes me realize na Wow, may reader pala ang blog ko. Nakakatuwa.


Again, Congratulations to the New Glorietta Vibe and thanks to AVA and Tattoo Black for powering up this fashion show. I definitely feel the good vibes!


How about you my gorgeous readers, were you able to watch the show live or via livestream? Please feel free to say your congratulatory message to Glorietta and to all the 2,255 models who walk this runway at the comment section!

we made the new Guinness World Record!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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  1. What an awesome feat for the whole country. Even if you didn’t go on the catwalk, you still look every inch a model :). I wish I can be part of that too someday :)… wishful thinking…

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