Learn About a Brief History of Tuscany Before You Travel There

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Learn About a Brief History of Tuscany Before You Travel There

It is always good to have some basic knowledge about a place before you travel there. Having some background information will help you relate to the places you visit and you will enjoy your experiences even more when you are there as well. In fact, you can ask for more information regarding Tuscany’s history during your stay at Tuscany villa rentals. While enjoying the sites and feeling glamorous in a beautiful country, you’ll learn that Tuscany, which is one of the twenty Italian regions, has a rich and intriguing history.

First of all, the name of the region has been originated from an Etruscan tribe. This tribe settled in the area around 1000 BC. The area that later became known as Tuscany was ruled by a number of rulers like Ostrogoths, Herulians and many more and emerged as a distinct political entity with its separate set of rulers.

The invasions by various rulers led Italy into poverty. Then the Lombards came to Italy in 568 AD from the Northeast and gained control over areas which are now known as Tuscany, Piedmont, Liguria, Venice, and Lombardy. The king that was ruling Lombardy conquered the Byzantine capital in 751 AD pushing the borders of his area towards Rome. To save themselves, Rome asked the French Carolingians to take them under their rule.


Pepin was the king of the Franks. Charlemagne, his son, captured northern Italy and named it the Holy Roman Empire. These political struggles caused a fragmentation that lasted until the late 19th century. However, the Italian cities were allowed to govern themselves in spite of the political rifts.

As the struggles settled a bit, trade flourished throughout Italy encouraging the growth of skilled artisans and tradesmen. Around the 12th century, Italy gradually became more wealthy and consequently, more independent as republics with time.

As wealth and autonomy increased in Italy, it gave way to Renaissance and helped the region leave behind the negative impact of the Middle Ages. This phase gave rise to a kind of despotism known as signoria. The Medici family, due to their wealth and growing power, found themselves dominating the region. Later in 1737, when this dynasty ended, Tuscany became a part of the French Empire under Napoleon for a brief period.

Tuscany then came under the new unified Italy in 1860.  However, the on going political turmoil and clashes between different merchants, landowners and workers led to violence which grew as a result of the conflicting ideologies that included anarchism, fascism and communism. In 1922, Italy came under Fascist rule till 1943.

After that, as World War II began, Tuscany became the frontline of war which consequently damaged many Tuscan cities like Livorno, Pisa and Florence. Tuscany played a major part during the world war in the Resistance movement.

After the war ended, the region began reconstructing itself and reviving back it’s lost artistic legacies and culture. Today, Tuscany is well established and flourishing. It’s also very glamorous and well. Go there in style and enjoy your stay there – it is rich in culture and history!

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