Gorgeous Finds: In2It Liquid Eyeliner Waterproof With Matte Finish Review

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Gorgeous Finds: In2It Liquid Eyeliner Waterproof With Matte Finish Review

If I had to use only one makeup product for the rest of my life I will be most happy by just having an eyeliner pencil with me.

I used to be intimidated with liquid eyeliner because I don’t have steady hands and I have the tendency to make ridiculous crooked or swirly lines on on my eyelid whenever I attempt to use one.  Or I get to create a straight line its as thick as a spaghetti strand which is not good.

Then I found In2It.

In2It Liquid Eyeliner Matte

Product Info:
In2It Liquid Eyeliner Waterproof with Matte Finish is made in Thailand. Its waterproof and long wearing, easy to apply and remove. It dries in 60 seconds. You won’t experience bleeding or running of the color. It doesn’t have any fragrance and uses a nylon hair brush applicator.


How to use:
Shake well before using. Apply by starting at the inner corner of your eyelids drawing outward along the natural contour of your eye line, preferably closest to the eyelash for a more natural finish.


What I think about it?
I think I found the liquid eyeliner for me.

  • Its affordable @ Php239.00 each and easy to use.
  • I love the nylon hair brush applicator it bends to the contour of your eyes so no matter how unsteady my hands are I am able to draw a straight and uncrooked line.
  • I love the matte finish it looks so natural on me.
  • I love that its packaged on a tiny shallow container all you have to do is dip and use, you don’t have to shake so hard and you get the value for your money because you can use it all up.
  • It doesn’t sting so its safe for those with sensitive eyes or those who are using contacts.
  • It dries fast and can be easily removed.


Will I recommend the In2It Liquid Eyeliner?
Yes and I think I’ll get different shades too.  They have the ones with shimmer effect and they also have gold, purple, and blue it wouldn’t hurt if I get experimental with my eyes haha!  You should get one or two because no matter how shaky your hands are you can never go wrong lining your eyes with this product.


Do you use liquid eyeliner? What’s your favorite brand?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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4 thoughts on “Gorgeous Finds: In2It Liquid Eyeliner Waterproof With Matte Finish Review

  1. I already bought a liquid eyeliner from In2It 😀 My friend uses their foundation powder and she loves it. She told me that its a Japanese make up 😛

  2. @Nicavia yeah that’s what i love about in2it its so affordable and I like the packaging you will really get to use it all up unlike the others that tends to dry up and expire.

  3. I use Nichido and Make up Forever. Nichido has almost has the same brush like In@It but more flexible while Make Up Forever has a short brush that you can navigate easily. I’m thinking of buying some make up with In2It since its really affordable 🙂

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