Strip It! Ready-to-Use Hair Removal Sugaring Kit Review

My legs are practically hairless, I never have the need to shave or wax my legs ever in my life.  Thank God!  As for my underarms,it is on it’s way into being hair free.  Thanks to Facial Care Center who has been providing me my regular Laser Light Underarm hair removal (we are on our 4th session now and my UA hair is practically visible as per the FCC staff and derma said on my last visit).  Anyway, the only part on my body that is hairy is my head and my bikini area hahahaha!

Honestly,I have never ever tried waxing or sugaring down there.  I’m afraid! Hahaha!   But then again, there is always the first time for everything right.   So when I was sent this Strip It! Ready-to-Use Hair Removal Sugaring Kit, I dared to strip it off!

Product Info
Stip It! Ready-to-Use hair removal sugaring is all natural and water-soluble, so it is safe to use on the face, body, bikini area, and even on sensitive skin.

What is Sugaring?
Sugaring falls into the category of epilation. This means that hair is removed from its roots below the sin’s surface thus hair is unseen from 2-4 weeks (depending on hair regrowth). It is most preferred than creams (depilation). It is said that long term use of sugaring can cause hair follicles to die and stop growing. So the longer you use this hair growth will appear sparser, softher and finer.

Product Shots

Strip It! Ready-to-Use Hair Removal Sugaring Kit Review

The kit will come with a tub of Strip It! Sugaring, a wooden spatula and cloth strips that you can cut in sizes you need.

How to use?

  • Using the wooden spatula, apply Strip It on the direction of your hair growth. Make sure that the skin surface is flat, clean and dry.
  • Take the cloth strip, press it down firmly on the part where the sugaring is and rub for a few seconds (few seconds only!)
  • Then immediately pull off the cloth in the opposite direction of the hair regrowth, make it as quick as possible.


  • If you remove the strip of cloth slowly or sugaring stayed on the skin too long the hair will not come off!
  • If you will use it for the underarms make sure hair is at least 1/4th inch long or at least 2 weeks from your last shave. If on the bikini area hair should not be longer than half an inch.

What I think of it?

  • The first time I used it was very very messy and very very painful! Hahaha!
  • But true enough my sugared part was hairless and smoother.
  • It got red from the force and yes the pain of pulling hair (can you imagine!) You should have a burn cream or spray with you to ease off the pain (I used the Avene Thermal Water for this!) and redness.
  • The principle is basically like cold waxing.

Do I recommend this?
If you want a less expensive way of ridding yourself of unwanted body hair then go for it. It can be messy and tricky to use at first if you are not used to sugaring/waxing yourself but the steps are easy to follow , you just have to read the instructions carefully and be patient. It takes a little practice before getting the correct technique. If you have someone else to do it for you by all means have them do if for you doing it on your own was kinda tricky.

Will I use it again?
I will I like the effect.

For more information about Strip It!  You may visit their website at or you may follow the on Twitter at @arletteniko

How about you have you tried sugaring on your own before or do you prefer going to a salon?

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  1. I have this too! Sadly I wasn’t able to take photos before using it. I think I’ll buy one again before doing the review 🙂

  2. Hi ms Earth! Thank you for braving the DIY bikini waxing procedure! I must agree it can be messy and tricky at first. =) But I sure hope it wouldn’t be the last time you use Strip It. =)

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