Forever Against Animal Testing + Let’s Ban Animal Testing Worldwide

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Forever Against Animal Testing + Let’s Ban Animal Testing Worldwide

I am Forever Against Animal Testing (FAAT)  and I  just signed a petition that will push the United Nations  to adopt an international convention that will end animal testing for cosmetic products and ingredients everywhere and forever. 

A few weeks back I saw a video footage on Facebook about a cat who was used for animal testing of beauty products. I didn’t know where it was taken but based on their comments it was in a lab in China.  In China where all beauty brands who wants to sell in their country are required to  do an animal test,  this is mandatory.

It breaks my heart to know this truth in an industry I embrace so much.  What breaks my heart even more is that those involved in these test were brands I personally use and support.

Forever Against Animal Testing

It was a pleasure to have been invited by The Body Shop Philippines  at the launch of  their #ForeverAgainstAnimalTesting #faatph .  Together with Cruelty Free International the campaign aims to gain 8 million signature that they will send to the United Nations.  The goal of the petition is to have the UN adopt an international convention that will  stop animals being used to test beauty products and ingredients  everywhere and forever. 

To sign the petition visit

Forever Against Animal Testing #FAATph

If you are wondering about the proliferation of the bunny and our bunny ears, this is the Leaping Bunny,   logo that will be added gradually to all of The Body Shop packages.  Some may not contain the logo but all The Body shop products will have the words  “against animal testing”.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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