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How To Clean Makeup Brushes and Beauty Blenders/ Sponges

A long long time ago, I posted on my Instagram a photo of my makeup brushes and how I clean them.  I know I made a lot of makeup artist and beauty enthusiast with the way I cleaned them brushes but nobody dared tell me I’m doing it wrong (huhu and haha for that!)  Anyway, years gone by and I never show how to clean my makeup brushes anymore, because I seldom do and just get a new one. Hah!

But, when I got really nice makeup brushes from Sephora and Real Techniques, I don’t want them to rot and become laptop dust sweepers only.  So, I did my research, I only learn makeup and other things like blogging myself, although I took some makeup workshop in the past (except they don’t teach cleaning makeup tools where I did the workshops) .  Anyway, I asked around and found that there are really nice makeup brush cleaner, liquid and gel, to make brush cleaning a breeze.  I used to take hours cleaning brushes and I get my hand very crumbly because of too much water exposure hehe!

I went shopping at Watsons and asked around the beauty staff if they have any makeup brush cleaners that can also be used to clean beauty blenders and sponges.  I got me a Real Techniques Brush Cleaning Gel for Php460.00 and a Jazzy Makeup Brush Cleanser for Php399.00.  Yeah I know kinda pricey.  I was actually looking for a Nippon Cleanser for Php250 only but they don’t have it and I wasn’t able to take advantage of the recent sale at Nippon online where they sold it for Php150!   Stupid me!

Anyway, I am glad to have purchased makeup brush cleaners as it made my life easier and my brushes last longer than ever.  I used the Real Techniques Brush Cleaning Gel and I was so pleased with how fast and easy it was to clean my makeup brushes!

Take a look at this video and see how fast I was able to clean my makeup brushes and beauty blenders!

What I think of the Real Techniques Brush Cleaning Gel?
I think it’s amazing, a small amount is enough to remove all the foundation , blush, eyeshadow residue on my makeup brushes and sponge. I used to use shampoo and even facial wash but they were not able to remove such an amount of makeup residue on my brushes that’s why it took me forever to clean. I was also told that dish washing liquid can do the trick. I haven’t tried and will not be able to try until I ran out of stocks of makeup cleansers.

Why is it important to clean your makeup brushes?
Because dirty brushes causes you to break out! Yes, if all of a sudden you get break outs even if you haven’t change your makeup and skincare product or not even the time of the month. Your makeup brushes are the culprit, they’re dirty and you know it dirt causes germs and germs causes bacteria and when it gets in contact with your skin it clogs your pores and so the outbreak of pimples and rashes and ugly things on your face.

Did you watch the video above?

What was the hack I used in place of a makeup brush brush cleaner ? Leave your answer below and I will raffle off a prize to those who get it right.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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