What Happened to My Trip to Lubao International Balloon and Music Festival #VisitPampangga #LubaoIMBF2018

LubaoIMBF2018 Visit Pampangga

As a kid we were told to never let go of the string of our balloon or we will never see it again. Once we lose grip it will fly up in the sky and we will never see it again. Losing the balloon always made us cry as a kid. It is one of our many heartaches.

Now as an adult, letting go of a balloon is way much easier. Like watching hot air balloons inflate until it is able to float and fly as our eyes can see , the release is way more therapeutic even magical.

I’ve always said that my last hot air balloon festival was my last but then here I was atrending my first Lubao International Music and Hotair Balloon Festival (LubaoIMBF). This is their 5th #LubaoIMBF2018 held at Pradera Verde in Lubao Pampangga.

As always there’s always the first time for everything and my experience at the LubaoIMBF2018 includes some of my first.
  • It was my first time to see Maymay Entrata and Edward Barbers (MayWard lovw team) perform live and first time I actually met and talk to them upclose (may kasama pang beso). They performed in front of a live audience and their loyal fans at the festival. I am now a fan, these teenagers are real darlings, very kind, sincere and fun! They reminded me of how it is to be young and in (puppy) love again.#MayWard LubaoIMBF2018 Visit Pampangga
  • Camels. It was my first time to see camels and I did not expect it. I feel sorry for the camels but maybe it was just me. I expect to see them in the dessert and not as a fun ride. Zoocobia has a booth at the festival grounds and they let people ride camels for a fee. It was an wxperience for those who rode I bet. But why do I feel sad for those animals. Maybe it was just me.LubaoIMBF2018 Visit Pampangga
  • My first time in Pradera Verde I like Pradera Verde as a venue for the international hotair balloon festival. Compared to the recent hotair balloon festivals I’ve been too, the ground is more grassy than dusty which is way better. Plus the balloons are closer to people so everyone gets a nice view of the fascinating floaters. Free rides were given to VIP pass holders and some media!I passed on the opportunity though even “for the gram” I have riden one before I would like to give the experience to those who have not yet.
  • It was the first time I saw Sarah Geronimo perform in a bigger stage with three costume changes like a mini-concert. She was my with Jonah and another guy . That Jonah girl impressed me , what a powerful voice for her age.LubaoIMBF2018 Visit Pampangga

Of course and hotair balloon festival trip is not complete without actually seeing the balloons in flight. First thing in the morning of the third day and last day of the LubaoIMBF, the hotair balloons were able to fly! Thanks to the good weather . About 30+ balloons took flight and it was such a joy to see all fly at once!  Every year there are distinct balloon characters that join the festival to let you distinguish which year the photo was taken.   For this year it was thr Christ the Redeemer,  Spacerat ship,  the Fish,  red Octopus, Owl and the one with a butterfly.

LubaoIMBF2018  Visit Pampangga

LubaoIMBF2018 Visit PampanggaLubaoIMBF2018 Visit Pampangga

LubaoIMBF2018 Visit Pampangga

We also caught the night glow before Sarah Geronimo performance and during the Earth Hour 2018 it was breathtaking!

LubaoIMBF2018 Visit Pampangga

My trip to LubaoIMBF2018 was part of the Visit Pampangga program by the local government of the province. We were hosted to stay at Royce Hotel and Casino in Clark, it was about an hour and half drive to Lubao and back.

We also had lunch at one of the most famous Kapangpanggan restaurants in the province, Apag Maragle they serve fresh and authentic Kapangpanggan dishes and even do live cooking demo upon request.

LubaoIMBF2018  Visit Pampangga

Another lunch , on another day was also served by Majestic at Royce Hotel and Casino, they have a variety of local and international dishes as well but their Salmon steak was a best seller I did not miss to try. Serving is huge and filling as well more than a little me could take.

LubaoIMBF2018  Visit Pampangga

#VisitPampangga has a lot more places, attractions and foodie hubs to offer, had we have more time we would go around some more to explore. Maybe some other time!

How about you have you been to Lubao yet?  How about seeing a hotair balloon festival? Or a fan of Mayward perhaps?

Stay gorgeous everyone !

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