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Buy or Bye: Reasons to Give Ladouce Tampons a Try + Why it is Never Too Late to Use Tampons

I used to be one of the millions of Filipino women who cringe at the thought of using tampons. Heck,  even just the word tampon made me feel uneasy – because it looks so invasive and painful coz I never tried one before.  My big sister has been using tampons since forever and she had been teasing me one too many times with tampon jokes whenever I ran out of pads or she has her period and reminded about it.

I did attempt to use tampons before, but I get intimidated by the brands my big sister uses. One is with the applicator (yes cringe!)  and the other is the manual type (hah!).

Recently,  Ladouce Tampons sent me a couple boxes and I was surprised to find out that their tampons have three different sizes (all the while I thought there is just one free size tampon!) .

ladouce tampons

Which tampon size to use?

When I saw the Ladouce Mini,  I thought “hey this looks more unconfortable to insert inside”.  My guess was right,  the small size is the perfect size for first time users!  The small size Ladouce Tampons allows you to get used to a foreign object inside you.  It is as thin as your pinky finger.  It doesn’t feel painful while inserting although it might take a couple of uses to really get comfy with it.   I guess it’s because I am conscious and aware that there is something inside, its a bit harder just to let it be.

The other sizes of Ladouce Tampons is the normal and super size.  The Ladouce Super is perfect for the first two days of your period as it is meant for heavy flowsLadouce Normal is good for regular flow days.

Ladouce tampons review Philippines


How to wear a tampon?

This is the most common Pinay question as revealed by the Instagram and Facebook survey I posted recently.   The thought of inserting is what is really cringe worthy.  Honestly,  wearing a tampon is not as bad I imagined it would be.  It just takes time to get used to.

To wear one you just need to stand in a comfy position in your bathroom. Put one leg up and find the vagina hole.  It will slide easily especially when you are relaxed. Don’t think too much of it.  The scare is more psychological, once you get past this fear and a few tries you will get the hang of it.  Don’t think too much is my biggest advise.

How can you tell if your tampon is full or when do you know it is time to change tampons?

This is also one of my concerns.  According to Ladouce Tampons (any size)  is meant for 6-8 hours use.   But personally,  you will feel it is time to change when you feel a bit fuller down there.  See when the tampon absorbs liquid it expands. It can take a lot of liquid even up to a glass full.  But for my  convenience (esp for first time user)  to pull it out easily,  I change every 4 – 6 hours max.

ladouce tampons

What are the advantages of using a tampon?

  • No leaks.  Pads no matter how they are winged (almost looking like maternity pads)  leak especially at night during your heavy flow days.  What I noticed about Ladouce Tampons was no leaks!  I don’t need to worry about removing blood stains on my sheets and clothes! If you are anxious about wearing it all day when you are awake try using it at night when you have your period. This way you train yourself to get used to it: plus at night you don’t have to concern yourself too much with it because you’ll be asleep.
  • No lines or bumps.  No matter how seamless of an underwear you wear when you have pads it will just show.  With tampons you are truly seamless. You can wear it when you want to go swimming even when you have a period. My big sister can attest to that. I haven’t tried yet but she had.
  • No bloody odor. Since the blood is contained inside and trapped in the tampon menstrual stench is non-existent.
  • Environment friendly because there’s less trash.  Ladouce Tampons are made of soft biodegradable material compared to pads that have non-biodegradable materials like diapers that harm the environment. Plus: most tampons in the Philippines are applicator tampons while Ladouce isn’t. This way there’s no extra plastic waste for the environment.

ladouce tampons

So,  should I buy a Ladouce Tampons or say goodbye to it?

I say it is a buy.  It is time to make the switch:  I just did.  I have been a pad user since I was 16. It is never too late to try new stuff and embrace it. You can switch to pads or tampon according to your mood anyway but I suggest give Ladouce Tampons a try,  they came all the way from Europe and are Philippines FDA approved.  It is okay to try something new: if it suits you continue, if it doesn’t then stop.  But I like the idea that I am disposing less/smaller amount of trash when I switched to tampons.

ladouce tampons

Ladouce Tampons are sold per box of 16 pieces starting from ₱199 on Beautymnl: While on Lazada: & Shopee: – they’re sold in bundles starting from ₱374.00 for a bundle of 2 boxes with 32 pieces of tampons. To know more about Ladouce Tampons visit

How about you, have you tried using tampons yet?  How was your experience? If not, what’s stopping you?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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