My post for Tackle it Tuesday and for Talk About Tuesdays (TIT for TAT!) is about my recently favorite gadget. My Sony Erickson K800i. It’s not as high tech as the Apple I-phone I am drooling over lately but I am happy with this one for being so multi-functional thereforeContinue Reading

It’s 100 days before Christmas! Yay! I’m so excited. It’s my most favorite time of the year and I am now getting ready preparing all the decorations in the house. I have a motif already and a theme, poinsettias, the Christmas flower. But still, despite all this, Christmas won’t beContinue Reading

“Do you need to own that much?” I bet at one point in your lives you encountered this question, by who else, the most clueless people on Earth about women, men! I went through my closet to check how many swimsuits I have, I was on verge of purchasing anotherContinue Reading