A bazaar is used to refer to several different types of marketplaces, depending upon their location. The word originated in the Middle East referring to a central open market which a large number of goods can be found for sale. While in the West the term is used in referenceContinue Reading

Yes, obviously I am dedicating this months posts with everything that involves Christmas. I will be your Christmas fairy (or angel if you like)! Hahahaha! Ready to help you out to still be alive and kicking to enjoy the Holidays. Today’s topic is about how to prioritize on gift giving.Continue Reading

S is for Shoes, S is ABC Wednesday Round 3 letter for the week! What’s a girl without her shoes? I don’t know but if that girl is me I would be a sad sulky girl. I stock-up on shoes because of my super small size. I would be luckyContinue Reading

Have you seen the latest eyeglass frames at Zennioptical? OMG! I am drooling at a couple of them. Like this one: Looks nice does it? There are more styles available in their Holiday frames collection that you will drool about. The price range from $8.00 to as high as $29.99Continue Reading

The Christmas Countdown that is. Yes folks that time of the year is just 74 days! OMG! Are you ready? As for me? Well, getting there. I have the curtains and throw pillows ready. I have my theme for the house decorations. Bought a new 6 foot Christmas tree (yesContinue Reading