My SkinStation’s Soprano Diode Super Hair Removal Experience

More than a week ago, I was invited by SkinStation to experience the latest in laser hair removal technology they acquired, the Soprano Diode Super Hair Removal (SHR).   SHR is said to be the next generation of safe, effective, and pain-free laser hair removal system in the market today.

One thing this technology boast is the absolutely painless, safe and effective treatment, compared to the first generation of laser hair removal technologies.


Skin Station Chairman Fred Reyes was very confident with this machine so I have to give it a try.

My SHR Experience

The treatment starts with shaving the area first, then they will apply a cream on it and then use the machine for at least 10-30 minutes depending on the area with.  The machine will be brushed/stroked on the area intended for 40 seconds interval.


I was apprehensive when the clinic staff told me she would have to shave the area first before using the product.  I have to ask a lot of question because I haven’t been shaving my armpit for more than 2 years now and I was worried that the hair will thicken again if she did.  She guaranteed that the hair will not thicken and if a hair grows out I should try to pluck it off and the hair stem will be already dead.

The procedure was like a slimming treatment as they apply a cream and massage it on the desired part.  Unlike in the old laser treatment they gun the area and you will feel a pinch and smell something burning.  This one is absolutely painless, as they massage the machine on the desired area, plus the cooling effect of the cream they apply to it.

After more than a week of the treatment, my UA hairs grew and well the hair was darker than it was, which is a bummer.  However, they were very clear that I should do the treatment for at least 6 consecutive uses to achieve the effect I desire.

Do I recommend this treatment?

I’ve tried laser hair removal in the past and I’ve underwent more than 8 sessions in hopes that I will be hairless forever, which did not happen.  With the SHR system I think its also the same effect.  So I would rather go to the easier and cheaper way of hair removal which is waxing. Effect is seen immediately and you need to come back after 3-4 weeks and its cheaper than SHR or laser.

But SkinStation offers the cheapest among its competition , a session is Php2,500 while a package of 8 session is Php16,000 with one free session.


If you want to know more about the SHR treatment or other services they offer you can call SkinStation Timog at 4921929 or 0923-8235717 or visit

Have you tried a laser hair removal treatment before?  How was it?

Stay gorgeous everyone!


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  1. I would like to try laser hair removal, nagpurchase pa nga ako ng voucher online kasi may discount kaso hindi ko pa nagagamit. Balak ko pa nman thrice lang xa gawin kasi feeling ko efeective agad yung laser..pero mukhang impossible nga..

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