Flash Jimmy Choo EDP Launch Manila

Last Thursday, while the rest of Metro Manila was struggling in the midst of flood and heavier traffic than the regular rush hour traffic, I arrived safe and comfy at the event venue for the Flash Jimmy Choo launch in Manila. In fact, I was the first to arrive. Had I been a couple minutes late I would have been cussing over the poor urban management in Metro Manila .

I’m glad I arrived early as I was able to enjoy the fragrance and the venue at the same time . The Flash Jimmy Choo Eau de Parfum fragrance event launch was held at Cova Bar and Restaurant at Jupiter St. in Makati.

While waiting for the rest of the guest to arrive, I was offered a signature Flash Jimmy Choo sangria that depicts the transparent purpleish color of the fragrance itself. The taste of the drink, they said, somehow resembles smell in a way.

The people from Prestige Brands Philippines heard about the horrible traffic and so they started with the mini-fragrance exploration when a few guest arrived. The exploration led us too an interactive experience of what makes the Flash Jimmy Choo scent.

Top notes:
Strawberry and pink peppercorn (sweet with a little kick of spice that’s just right) They even made a shot drink of the blend. Yum!

Middle note:
White Flower. The scent that is said to arouse sexual drive. Super strong floral scent that tickles the senses. They gave us a bling sprayed with the white flower scent.

End note:
White wood. Very light musky powdery scent that tones and blends everything well together.

Flash Jimmy Choo EDP launch at Cova
The result, Jimmy Choo’s 2nd fragrance to date.

Flash Jimmy Choo launchFlash Jimmy Choo launch
Flash is a fragrance for a sexy, confident woman who always gets the attention even the paparazzi’s! If you notice the bottle was patterned to a photographers flash bulb and the box has this glittery texture that represents the glitter and glamour this fragrance can bring to the wearer.

Flash Jimmy Choo is available in 40,80, and 120ml exclusively distributed by Prestige Brands Philippines in the country and available at all SM Beauty Fragrance department nationwide.

Flash Jimmy Choo EDP launch loot
Stay gorgeous everyone!

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