What is the #EnsureStayStrong Grip Strength Challenge

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What is the #EnsureStayStrong Grip Strength Challenge

Did you know that Edu Manzano is turning 60 this September and yet he maintains a good physique!

#EnsureStayStrong Grip Strength Challenge Education Manzano
I met him last week and he looks really good for his age.   He is the brand ambassador for Ensure and he is encouraging every aging Filipino to take the #EnsureStayStrong Grip Strength Challenge to assess their muscle and strength levels and know what they can do to improve them.

#EnsureStayStrong Grip Strength Challenge
Muscle loss can affect a person’s energy and ability to perform daily activities, such as walking,  rising out of a chair, and gripping or lifting objects.

#EnsureStayStrong Grip Strength Challenge
Hand grip strength is a recognized marker of nutritional status and an indicator of muscle function.  In a physical performance test,  adults with nutrition gaps had almost twice lower hand grip strength,  took almost twice longer to stand and five times slower to step up and down compared to age-matched norm.

With that said Abott is introducing the Ensure Stay Strong Grip Strength Challenge #EnsureStayStrong a free assessment on strength and muscle mass that aims to reach over 200,000 aging adults nationwide. The activity aims to measure the individual’s grip strength and muscle mass levels with hand grip strength and muscle mass test.

There will be about 8,700 activation days at select drug stores and leading supermarket nationwide with the culminating activity set on September 13,2015 at Alabang Town Center, just in time for Grand Parents Day! First hand grip test is set on August 22 and 23 in Glorietta, August 29 and 30 in Alabang  Town Center and September 5 and 6 in Trinoma.

Aside from being known to be a supplement milk drink for the aged, Ensure has three variants to support different needs.

#EnsureStayStrong Grip Strength Challenge
Ensure NutriVigor has Acti-HMB (Calcium B hydroxy B methylbutyrate)  clinically proven to rebuild muscle and strength.  Ensure Gold is clinically proven to. Improve strength.  Ensure Acti M has ACTI-SPS (soy phosphalidylserine)  clinically proven to support mental performance.

You can start drinking Ensure at the age of 40 so you can live stronger,  stay healthier and enjoy life like Edu. 

Edu Manzano drinks Ensure everyday since March 2015 and he said he never felt better. He also said one glass can supplement whenever he is hungry as Doc Jose Rodolfo DiMarco said it can be a meal replacement as well.

For more information about Ensure products visit www.abbott.com or follow them on Twitter @AbottNews and @AbottGlobal.

How about you, do you know your hand grip strength? You don’t need to be aged to know this you know, take the challenge at the said dates and venue.

#EnsureStayStrong Grip Strength Challenge
Btw, I was able to know my grip strength and more at the #EnsureStayStrong launch event held at SPARTA Fitness Training Center in Mandaluyong where I tried crossfit training for the first time, I will post more about the experience next. Stay tuned!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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