Buy or Bye: Magwai Reef-Safe Sunscreen Lotion Broad Spectrum SPF50+ Review + First Impression

Magwai Reef-Safe Sunscreen Lotion Review First Impression
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Buy or Bye: Magwai Reef-Safe Sunscreen Lotion Broad Spectrum SPF50+ Review + First Impression

The struggle between wanting to keep your skin protected from the sun while enjoying a beach trip and the ocean creatures and living being safe is real because weather we like it or not,  one will have to sacrfice for the other.

Just recently I bought Magwai Reef-Safe Sunscreen Lotion Broad Spectrum SPF50+ because I would like to make a contribution in saving the seas white keeping my skin protected from the harmful rays of the sun as well.  We used it on our Inflatable Island beachtrip in Subic Olonggapo where the sun rays was on its peek and of course nice sea water to dip into.

Product Info

They said Magwai Protecting the Colors of the Reef. Magwai Reef-Safe Sunscreen Lotion Broad Spectrum SPF50+ is a small impactful thing we can use to protect our coral reefs.  It is niodegradable,  fragrance free,  cruelty free, paraben free,  oxbenzon free and non nano product that is all natural and proudlu made in the Philippines manufsctured by Refinite Cosmetics from Bulacan.

What I think of Magwai

As how I am used to any other sunscreen I have been using,  I slathered on a generous amount of  Magwai Reef-Safe Sunscreen Lotion all over my daughter’s skin and mine. To my surprise, the sunscreen was super white!  It cast a thick layer of white sunscreen film (compared to slight white cast as packaging said) . Reminding me of the kind of  sunscreen available a decade ago when overly white cast film was the standard of effectibe sunscreen.

Magwai Reef-Safe Sunscreen Lotion Review First Impression

For a beauty and aesthic conscious blogger like me , I kinda did not like the appearance.  I looked like I have chin chan su (Chinese whitening makeup)  all over my body.  It is not photogenic.   I feel like I look like an espasol with it on.

What Magwai explained on their product insert from package when I ordered it,  Magwai really leaves that thick white protective cast on the skin when applied.  That thick white cast they said is an indicator that the product is hard at work in protecting the skin from the harshness of the sun.

Magwai Reef-Safe Sunscreen Lotion Review First Impression

I though at first I applied to much so I tried to rub some of to other body parts but it was really that white!

Magwai was also hard to get rid off that I need to take a shower (using soap of course)  twice just to remove the white cast on. Water alone does not ger rid of it. Even sea water did not get rid of it. Product did not budge or move it definitely stays on!

I like that it is fragrance free but it doesn’t get absorbed by the skin so I think its just a topical protection.  It’s not that soreadable too since formula is very thick.


For beauty conscious people esp those who want to take beauty shots on the beach,  I suggest use the other kind of sunscreen that has less harmful ingredeints to the environment. Better avoid aerosol spray type and stick to lotion in tubes.  But if doing sea activities use Magwai.

There are beaches who disallow those who swim with environment hazard sunscreen brands have not been specified)  but most popular brands at thr koment are not coral safe sunscreen type.

If you need to swim on the ocean,  snorkling,  diving and other sea related activities and conscious on protecting skin and sea use Magwai Reef-Safe Sunscreen Lotion . Just don’t expect to be photo perfect as the white cast onunless that  is the look you are going for.

As for effectivity, on my skin  I felt a bit sunburned glad I brought an after sun gel. But maybe because we were on the beach in highnoon. We applied Magwai all throughout our beach time (from 9am to 1pm.)

As for safety on the corals I can’t prove that yet I haven’t seen any proof from this brand either but when I read reef-safe I jumped in.  If anyone of you out there can give me a proof of how this sunscreen is definitely safe for our seas let me know as I would gladly recomment Magwai to all beach lovers out there to use this even if it will amke them look whiter than tanned on their photos.

Magwai Reef-Safe Sunscreen Lotion Review First ImpressionMagwai Reef-Safe Sunscreen Lotion Review First Impression

At the moment I am looking forward for better formulation,  less greasy and hoepfully less white cast on formulation.  I am sure beach lovers would love  Magwai Reef-Safe Sunscreen Lotion especially if they can enjoy both worlds.

On the account of Magwai Reef-Safe Sunscreen Lotion Borad Spectrum SPF50+  is a buy or a bye I bought one so I intend to use it. If it is ok for you to have white cast on while saving your skin and our seas go ahead and buy!

Magwai is sold online at the moment for Php599 per 100ml tube via  and shipped to you within a week after ordering.

Stay gorgeous everyone!



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