You Are Not A Princess, Life Is Not A Fairytale

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You Are Not A Princess, Life Is Not A Fairytale

Deal with this reality and live with it.

I blame the one who invented fairy tale stories for hardwiring girls around the world into believing they are princesses and that they all should wait for a prince to come and save them. Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Belle the Disney Princesses who made little girls all over the world wish to become princesses who at the end of the day gets a prince to rescue her and make her life better.


We are Queens. We are born to rule the world. We protect our King (if we have one). We rule our Kingdom. We know what we want and we get it. We don’t wait until it is given to us. We don’t allow people treat us like trash. We have the power! We don’t need a man to make our lives better we can do it ourselves.

Don’t get me wrong, I love men, especially those good looking ones. They are lovely to look at and nice to hold. But they all come with a warning: don’t get too involved or you just might get your heart , life and ideals broken. Hahahahaha!

I’m blabbing about this thing because I want to say Kudos to Mercy Academy in Louisville, U.S.A. an all-girls Catholic School, which is making waves worldwide for their bold campaign about young women’s empowerment with the statement “You Are Not A Princess” “Don’t Wait for a Prince” and “Life Is Not A Fairy Tale”

you are not a princess

This ad will be run in US theaters as the Hunger Games: Catching Fire will be shown and they said Ellen de Generes might feature the school in her show. Good job!

How about you, what do you think of this campaign? Do you still read such fairy tale stories to your girls?

Me, I like reading real-life stories to my daughter or stories I made up staring her doing real things solving real problem. I don’t read much princesses fairy tale to her but I do read Bambi and Goldilocks and the 3 Bears.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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