Going On A Spa Break Alone at Neo Day Spa BGC

For someone who is always surrounded by people everyday, having a solo time is such a blessing. It is such a welcome situation when you can just be alone for awhile, enjoy yourself as you are, and worry about nobody.

While all of my blogger friends who were invited by Neo Day Spa to try out their signature spa package went with their other half or even a parent or a friend, I went alone. It may sound sad to others but as for me it was bliss!

Neo Day Spa BGc
I had gone through a very rough week before that spa break alone. It was such a welcome treat for me to just be by myself and I enjoyed the Zen Package by Neo Day Spa which combines two popular body treatments to completely rejuvenate and de-stress.

The treatment that was waiting for me was the The Zen Package (Php2,950.00 about 2 and a half hour treatment), which includes a choice of a Zen Body Treatment (60-minute body scrub) followed by a 90-minute Zen Bodywork (massage), that promises to heal the body, calm the mind, and renew the spirit.

Going on a spa break alone Neo Day Spa
I was asked to pick which massage oil and essence I wanted for my treatments.

For the Body Scrub there are five choices: Wasabi, Young Rice, Black Sesame, Green Tea, and Ginger body scrubs. While for the massage oils there are five choices Fire, Water, Wood, Earth, and Metal massage oils.

Each of the choices have a corresponding benefit for the mind, spirit and body as for the body scrubs generally all of the are natural body scrubs. Enhanced with pure essential oils, the scrubs offer effective full body exfoliation and moisturization, while giving therapeutic benefits.

  1. Ginger Body Scrub . Ginger has been widely used for healing purposes for centuries, as it penetrates skin to increase blood circulation while also relieving muscular aches and pains.
  2. Green Tea Body Scrub. Green tea is rich in antioxidant properties as well as a wide variety of vitamins and minerals that can protect skin from damage.
  3. Wasabi Body Polish. Wasabi is rich in anti-carcinogenic properties. This body polish renews skin through cellular repair while enhancing the elimination of toxins and reducing puffiness in skin.
  4. Black Sesame Body Scrub. Black sesame gently removes dead skin cells while minimizing visible wrinkles, as it leaves the skin refreshed and luxuriously soft.
  5. I picked the Young Rice Body Scrub because of the scent made of fragrant ground jasmine rice mixed with a velvety cream, this treatment creates results using the conditioning, soothing, and softening properties of rice starch. It has whitening effects I was told but that was not the main reason I got it it was the scent I swear haha!

Going on a spa break alone Neo Day Spa bgc
Meanwhile the massage oils, while most of you might think I’d pick Earth, I choose Metal

  1. I picked Metal because I feel my muscles are already stiff and I’m full of “lamig”. Metal has apricot and peppermint, and I was told that it is good for muscle aches and also helps reduce inflammation, exactly what I needed
  2. Wood. With neroli and green tea, this uplifting and de-stressing oil is rich in antioxidants.
  3. Water. With moringa and eucalyptus, this oil has healing and anti-inflammatory properties, and helps strengthen the immune system.
  4. Earth. With jasmine and lavender, this oil is meant to soothe, calm, and relax you.
  5. Fire. With cocoa butter and coconut, this oil moisturizes skin, as well as warms and relaxes the body.

After choosing the massage oil and scrub for my treatment, I was directed at a very private solo room at Neo Day Spa. The Neo Day Spa in BGC is quite huge and you can get lost in it. Good thing I was with a staff who guided me on my way. Since I had a solo room, I was with the common bathroom areas unlike those who went for a couple room who has solo bathroom and dressing room area.

Neo Day Spa BGC
They did the full body scrub first and it was a bit awkward at times especially when my attendant was scrubbing near my sensitive and private parts hahaha, but she was were very professional so I did not feel uneasy that long. the scent of the lavender from the Young Rice Body scrub I picked was very calming I think I hit some snooze time while some serious scrubbing was happening.

After the scrub, I went for a shower first to rinse moments after my shower I went back to my private room and had the massage I so badly needed and wanted for awhile now!

My massage therapist was really good as I had this moments of “masakit na masarap” as she eases all my tight and sore muscles away. I can even hear my bones cracking, it was a good sound to hear in a massage room. I can hear and feel my stiff muscles loosen and all my stress went away with it. I think I napped again for a few.

After my massage, I was given some delicious ginger tea and went to the sauna for a few minutes while enjoying my cup.

Neo Day Spa BGC
I don’t remember thinking about any work or pending things I need to do while I was in the spa. In fact everything disappeared as my mind focused on the kind of pampering my body needed.

I was disconnected the whole four hours I was in the spa and it was such a wonderful time to be Going On A Spa Break Alone aligning myself with myself and my purpose and my needs not minding anyone to please or get the approval of but myself. It is okay to be selfish sometime you know because after that you’ll come with a renewed energy and you can do whatever you need to do better that way. Try it sometime you’ll thank yourself for doing it!

Neo Day Spa is located at the Ground Floor of Net One Center, 26th Street Corner 3rd Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. You may call them at (02) 815-8233 to book your treatment.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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