The Most Important Fashion Mistakes to Avoid

If you like to experiment with your clothing style, as in one day you’re sporting luxurious black fur jackets and the other you’re staying classic with denim, you might be eventually tempted to try out some things that fashion has completely banned in the past. While experimenting and exploring is fine, here are some of the worst mistakes you can make and fashion, that you should totally stay clear of.

Socks and sandals
This is probably one that you have heard about a million times. And yes, it’s that bad, and you will be judged. If you’re aiming at a really fashionable look, socks and sandals don’t have a place together, unfortunately for those that were hoping this might change in the future.

Avoid print matching
There is a myth about people that are able to match prints in a way that makes sense and looks awesome. However, if you don’t have the guarantee that the result will be completely stunning and viable, you should stay away from print matching. It’s just too difficult to pull off if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Either miniskirt or leggings, not both
This is a fashion that has reoccurred, but was never meant to. Both leggings and miniskirts have their own purpose for which they have been invented. Strapping them together in the same outfit is just a bad idea and it’s really hard to pull off successfully. If you are going to wear a mini, you might as well allow your legs to glimmer in the spotlight, not hide them behind leggings.

Crocs are bad
The cousin of socks and sandals is wearing crocs. Crocs are considered a fashion abomination, and you should make sure that you avoid them if you care about your “fashion criminal record”. Make no mistake, the fashion police will come after you for a serious offense like this!

Don’t try to match everything
Matching different items of clothing is great, but trying to match everything at the same time is not so much. Regardless, many attempt this and the result is never pleasing. If you’re going to match clothing items, try to limit yourself to only a couple, because going overboard will cause your outfit to lose all its flair.
Wherever your fashion exploration might take you, make sure that you avoid this perilous zone filled with fashion tropes and no-nos. While one mistake might not doom you, it can lead towards a series of other such fashion mishaps that will eventually put a dent in your fashion style. The best course of action is to keep close to what you know works, and not let yourself go to the extent where you think socks and sandals is OK.

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