Visiting Iceland

Where to Go What to Do When Visiting Iceland – A Travel Checklist

In the past couple of years, especially this decade, Iceland has experience a big tourism boom more than they can imagine. This could be attributed to the blockbuster Hollywood movies and series that got peoeple so curiois that they actually want to go and experience it for themselves. In fact a lot of film production come to Iceland to take advantage of what the country has to offer.

I personally have long dreamed to go to Iceland for more reason than spotting movie and TV locations in Iceland but everything this magical country has to offer.

Visiting Iceland

Today I am sharing you my visiting Iceland travel bucketlist in hopes that someday I get to cross this one out from my European dream travel destinations someday soon.

Chasing the Northern Lights Tour

If you want to embark on a quest to witness one of natures most magnificent phenomena the Aurelia Borelis, this is one of the must things to do in Iceland. The perfect time to start chasing northern lights in Iceland is around August to November and starts at 9pm onwards. Best place to do this is the Reykjavik area.

Visiting Iceland

Get Mezmerized at Jokursaron Glacier Lagoon

Experience a day full of glaciers, icebergs and waterfalls at Iceland’s jewel. Jokursalon Glacier Lagoon is one of the most spectacular natures wonder in Iceland. You’ll be floating on a stream of 1000 year old ice formations. You can even take a dip in the lagoon if you want to. Don’t forget to see two famous waterfalls at the Skògafoss and Seljalandsfoss. Best time to do this is in May.

Visiting iceland

Experience the Simple Icelandic Lifestyle at the Snæfellsness Peninsula

Travel to the charming fishing villages of Grundarfjondur, Arnarstapi and Hellnar md. Discober the slowpaced lifestyle of the villagers and fishermen. Marvel at the stunning mountains and volcanic craters, black sand beach and look at the seal colony. Best time to do this is first week of May.

Go on a Snowmobile Riding Tour

Explore the stunning landscapes of Iceland on a snowmobile tour at the Golden Circle across the Langjökull glacier , Iceland’s second largest glacier. Best to do this very early in the morning and join a chartered bus tour to the area. At the tour they will show and explain to you amazing powerful active geyser erupt every minute at Strokkur. Learn more about rhe unique geology of the Thingvellir National Park nd see one of the most important sites featuring the Islandic history and lore. Best time to start doing this is in May.

visiting Iceland

Check out the Kerid volcanic crater

Observe boiling hot spring upclose as it releases water up to 30 meter high every 8 minutes! May is the best time to do this.

Visiting Iceland

Whale Watching

There is 90 to 99% chances that you will spot a whale aboard a whale watching boat in Iceland at the Reyjvavik old harbour.

Visiting Iceland

Diving in Iceland

You can actually go scubba diving in Iceland. They are not known for this but if you are one of those experienced divers and want a new location, this is one diving spot you want to dive into. Best done in Silfa in Þingvellir National Park. The water in Silfra is amongst the clearest in the world with water visibility between 80 and 100 m (262 and 328 ft).

Visiting Iceland

I think  got my visiting Iceland travel checklist covered. Please leave a comment below if you have any other  suggestions that I have not mentioned above.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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