Buy or Bye: Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Rescue Seaweed Radiance Mask First Impressions

Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve

What can you say if I tell you that all you need is to spare 5 minutes of your time twice a week to make your skin look and feel soft, supple and smooth again like you were back at being 18 would you take it?

I am sure you have noticed  that just about reaching your mid 20s your skin starts to look dull and dry.   This is because of exposure to a lot of daily skin stressors like dust,  dirt,  sun,  computer light or aircon and everything else really.

Did I stressed you out even more?  I hope I did because I want to emphasize the importance of investing at least 5 minutes of your time twice a week to get your youthful radiance back and stop complaining of looking “losyang” (worn out and tired)  .

Just recently, Sephora Philippines , the leading e-commerce beauty retailer, launched their Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Rescue Seaweed Radiance Mask  and they sent me one to try for myself .

Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve review

Product Info

The Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Rescue Seaweed Radiance Mask is a 5-minute facial in jar that promises to smooth out and resets sluggish skin.

The radiance-boosting formula is powered by lotus flower extract, the key ingredient in Fresh’s proprietary Super 7 Complex, and lotus seeds, both sourced from Southeast Asia. The lotus seeds work with a blend of kombu seaweed flakes and red algae to gently buff and refine the skin, maintaining its youthful vitality. The mask also features sea fennel extract to help smooth and enhance suppleness, all inside a cushiony texture inspired by the iconic Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream with Super 7 Complex.

Product Shots

Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve review

Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve review

How to use?

Wet face.  Take ample amount of  Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Rescue Seaweed Radiance Mask and gently scrub it all over the face for 5 minutes then rinse thoroughly.  Follow with the Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream to seal in the moisture and boost the effect.

Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve review

What I think the Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Rescue Seaweed Radiance Mask?

  • I love the microbead-like texture and feel of the mask. It is like a facial scrub but it is not abbrasive to the skin. The microbeads are actually the kombu seaweed flakes that gently buffs and refines the skin.
  • The scent is very soothing melting your stresses away as you scrub.
  • Since it acts as a facial scrub it definitely exfoliates dead and dry skin without the peeling effect or downtime afterwards.  All is left after rinsing is your fresh new skin.

Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve review

Verdict:  Buy

Some might feel it is a bit expensive as it is sold at Sephora for Php4,015.00 per 100ml jar.  But take this into consideration.  A radiance facial at a salon will cost you around Php500 – Ph1,000 or more per session. I just used this Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Rescue Seaweed Radiance Mask twice and I still have more mask to spare,  looking at it,  I could still use it for am estimate of 10- 15 or more 5-minute facial-in-a-jar session.  For 10-15 sessions more I already got double my money’s worth,  best part is I can do it at any spare 5 minutes I have  at home,  no need to dress up or leave the daughter behind.

This is definitely a good buy and a perfect Mother’s Day gift for hardworking moms that need some me time from time to time, without dropping-off everything at home!

Click here to buy your jar of Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Rescue Seaweed Radiance Mask and you might want to chug along a Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream on your way.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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