7-Eleven Day treats shoppers to 5 Day Grocery Day with 300 items up to 50% off

7-Eleven Day treats shoppers to 5 Day Grocery Day with 300 items up to 50% off

With a gift to its patrons on this 7-Eleven Day, the multinational convenience store chain 7-Eleven Philippines celebrates another milestone. The brand’s greatest celebration will take place from July 7 to July 11 during a 24-hour, five-day birthday sale that will feature up to 50% off of more than 300 product categories as well as limited-time discounts on its in-house foods like Crunch Time Chicken, City Cafe, 7-Fresh Siopao, and Big Bite Hotdog.

7-Eleven Day is an additional effort to express gratitude to its consumers who continue to frequent the company’s thousands of neighborhood stores, which continue to set the industry standard for store footprint, food innovations, and service improvements. Additionally, 7-Eleven is promoting the holiday this year as a “grocery day” for the general public, offering significant discounts and bargains on household necessities and cosmetics.

Soft drinks, noodles, sweets, biscuits, chips, bread, and even alcoholic beverages are among the pantry essentials that will be for sale. The five-day event is the ideal opportunity for Filipinos to save money and stock up on personal care items like well-known brands of toothpaste, lotion, and soap because the same discounts and promotions also apply to these brands.

In addition to discounting the pricing of its supermarket items, 7-Eleven is now doing it for its house-made classics. From July 6 to July 11, each order of one-piece Crunch Time Chicken will be discounted by P10; on July 11, small cups of City Cafe and Prima coffee will be discounted by P20; on July 11, all Big Bite Hotdog variations will only cost P23; and on July 11, the various flavors of the 7-Fresh Siopao—pancit crab, adobo, asado, and bola-bola—will be discounted by P6.

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As it celebrates another year as the preferred convenience store of Filipinos, 7-Eleven pulls out all the brakes to make this sulit sale event feasible, rallying around the idea that consumers “deserve” this special pleasure.

Visit your neighborhood 7-Eleven location from July 7 to July 11 to take advantage of the sale items. A rigorous quantity restriction for each sale item per customer will be put in place to enable more individuals to benefit from the reductions. Items on sale each day may differ per store. Visit the 7-Eleven website and social media pages for further details and updates.

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