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To The Home Owner

This is not about mortgage or real estate, this is about the annoying yet anticipated eight nights before Christmas when the kids around the neighborhood disturb our silence and delightful super time. That’s what I am here to Talk About Tuesday. Yes! It’s the time of the Christmas carolers! I think this is equivalent to […]

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My First Sony Experience Is With My Sony Stereo Receiver and Cassette Deck

How could we forget the 1980’s? I think that decade was one of the most fun decade I could ever imagine. Big hair, weird clothes, pop culture. It was also the time I started to appreciate music, pop music that is especially of Madonna, Michael Jackson, Cyndi Lauper, The Menudo, Boy George, Whitney Houston, Laura […]

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More Christmas Tackle

I’ll never get enough of my Christmas tree and like I said last week my next tackle would still be all about Christmas decorations. 1. I’ve added the “nativity scene” and some ornaments on the cupboard. 2. Some Christmas lights on my daughters playroom. 3. Made a nice big Christmas wreath by the front door […]

Home & Family

Orbs In Our House?

Our house is not as pretty or big but we call it home. Anyway, I took these shots couple hours ago to show my sister abroad what I’ve been doing in the house decorating for the Christmas season and here are some shots: This was the first shot I took I wasn’t happy with it […]

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