How Far Fresh Breath Took Me? Total Care Challenge (Week 5)

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How Far Fresh Breath Took Me? Total Care Challenge (Week 5)


For mature audiences only.  Not safe for work (NSFW) or view around children.  Parental guidance is recommended!



I just want to show everyone how far my fresh breath took me.

Kissing on the car

Kissing on the beach

Kissing on a restaurant

Kissing on the beach again!
Even these Brazilian models could not resist me!

Do you want to be a kissing magnet too?

Well, use Listerine Total Care Mouthwash (plus proper oral care like brushing and flossing) its guaranteed to make your breath fresh.

If you don’t then just settle at making out with the trees!


How about you, how far did fresh breath take you?  Share your story and you might get a Total Care surprise from me!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

Here’s the links to week 1-3 of the challenge:


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8 thoughts on “How Far Fresh Breath Took Me? Total Care Challenge (Week 5)

  1. Nice pictures. Hygiene is definitely one of the most important asset that people should look into. having a good breath can really be great turn on especially if you are courting someone or wanting to get close with someone. So keep your breaths fresh and maintain a good hygiene because this matters a lot.

  2. Maggie! use Listerine Total Care mouthwash its the purple Listerine mouthwash its amazing! please wait for my 6th week entry it will surprise you how effective this thing is!

  3. How were you able to keep your breath so fresh so long? I find that after a snack or meal the freshness goes away, even if I use Listerine.

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