I was invited to the Tony Moly store opening in SM Megamall last July 12 but I wasn’t able to make it so I asked if I can just drop by some other day to look around and see what their store offers.

Tony Moly is a popular makeup brand in Korea, and I was told they are a sister company of Etude House, except Tony Moly is made for more mature market while Etude are for tweeners.   Also Tony Moly focuses more on skin care products.

Store Info

Tony Moly is made from the combination of an English word Tony, which means stylish and a Japanese word Moly which means to box something. The combined word “Tony Moly” means “to box something very stylish”.

I’m sorry but I can’t help sing the Name Game each time I read the word Tony Moly! LMAO

Anyway, here are some of the most popular items you can buy at Tony Moly:

Tomatox Magic White Massage Pack

Tony Moly Tomatox

It contains Tomato extracted water and Tomato ingredients which is good for brightening, vitalizing and detoxifying the skin.

Tony Moly Pocket Bunny Sleek Mist

Spray on to freshen up on a hot humid day like today!

Tony Moly Party Lover Makeup Eraser

Tony Moly Party Lover Shine Blusher


Tony Moly Berry Lovely Girl Petite Powder


Tony Moly Lip Gloss
I love the smell, smells like jelly I wanna eat! Haha!


The Eggpore and the IceQueen are super cute too!

Please watch this virtual tour of Tony Moly SM Megamall Store to have an idea of the prices and other products. They are very much affordable in stylish packaging too!

The SM North EDSA is the biggest Tony Moly  store I’ve see  and they just opened yesterday, July 15, 2011!

Have you tried any of the Tony Moly products yet?

O.K.! Let’s do Tony!
Tony, Tony Bo-Bony Bonana Fanna Fo-Fony Fee-Fi-Mo Mony

Stay gorgeous everyone!


  1. OMG! Those are cute packaging indeed! I want the tomato just because the packaging is cute, is the product any good kaya? Have you tried Ms. E? How was it? What effort sa video! I love it thanks! I can see the prices and they’re affordable naman, i think I’ll drop by sometime!

  2. i am so intrigued by that snail cream from Tony Moly! but it is too steep for me…. ang cute nung Ice Queen , hihihi

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