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The Best Gift Ever Is The Gift of Time

I watched Lucy just recently (and seen it twice) because I was taken aback by the story plot as it tackles the “10 percent of the brain myth” and how it explored the what if we use 100%. I was trying to digest what the movie wants to impart and by watching it twice it just want to tell us that 1) knowledge should be passed on but/and 2) without time there is nothing as time is everything.

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This generation I think is the saddest generation as many are made to believe that money is everything. People these days think they will get all the time they need when they get the money, rushing doing things making life experiences fleeting.

Little do they know that time wasted can never be earned back,compared to money, money can be earned, borrowed or stolen.

The best thing you can do with time is to share it and give it to the people who matters to you, to the experiences and places you feel in your heart will make you whole and alive.

Share the Gift of Time by physically being there for your loved ones. Give them the time to remember even when you are not together. Give them the gift of time because memories last forever.

While I am being mushy about time and essence of life because it is Christmas season and remembering those happy moments with those you love and love you back just tripples. Because Christmas is all about that. Experiencing life with the ones you love and giving.

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TomatoTime has beautiful time pieces/ watches that can be a symbol of your thoughtfulness to the ones you love. Their watches are very affordable but they have elegant pieces that suits anyones taste and lifestyle.

For kids or those young ones who like fun sporty funky pieces, TomatoTime also got them.

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Tomato Time watches range from Php500.00 to Php1,200.00 only!  They also have his and her watches for as low as Php850.00.

Now who can resist the #GiftofTime #TomatoTime?

You can’t buy time, but you can give the gift of time and freeze the moment of your thoughtfulness for that someone special when you give them your time. Doesn’t have to be the whole day, a whole night, a year or month, a few minutes of your day to say Hi and Hello will do. Trust me.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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  1. Thank Ana babe, grabe nagpakaprofound ako sa post na ito hahahaha! Iba talaga pag puyat! 🙂

  2. Ana Gonzales

    Love this mother, thank you!! 🙂

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