An Intimate Confession + the All New #AvonPantyStore


An Intimate Confession + the All New #AvonPantyStore

80% of my intimate apparel are from Avon Fashions Intimate Apparel.

I have been using Avon intimates since college because aside from being affordable, all their products are made to last . I also love the fun, functional, trendy and comfy designs that is definitely Fit for Filipina like me.

When this package arrived I had two reactions, 1) how can I open such beautiful packaging and 2) I am so excited to see the new panties from the #AvonPantyStore.

It actuallybtook me a couple of days before Inhsd the guts to open the package because it’s such an eye candy!


I am so ultimately pleased especially with the new Velvety design. I love undergarments that is not so obvious on your clothes, I like them seamless and gels like second skin.

Meanwhile the Mix-ins and Cool undies are perfect for solo times at the mall, meeting friends, or chills at home, I love cotton undies.


The #AvonPantyStore definitely got you covered theybhave a wide selection you can choose from for different occasions and situations.

Visit your Avon lady now or follow @avonph on Instagram and Twitter to find a representative near you.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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