One of the most common gift being given at Christmas or brought at parties is wine.  I guess because it makes the occassion special and the conversation at the get together more fun. But do you know which wine to get and why some wine are pricey than the others?  This post can help you out so the next time you bring a wine to diner you get to  impress some friends or relatives with you wine stock knowledge.

Recently, I attended a Wine and Spirit Seminar held at the Market Martet Metro Supermarket wine section . While some of us are told that red wine goes with red meat and white wine is better with fish or white meat,  there is more to know than that and why it is supposed to be that way.


Red or White? 

Red wine brings out the flavor of the red meat dishes,  and same with white meat with white wine.

I have learned that the heavier the meat is the heavier the wine best paired to it and vice versa.



How long can you keep an opened bottle of wine? 

Some of us can finish a good bottle in a sitting, but there are some of us who would like to sip a bottle every night for good night sleep.

But we can’t keep a bottle in our wine cabinet or in the fridge for so long.  How long you can keep your wine depends on the alcohol content.  If the wine has  13-15% you can keep it for 5 days after removing the cork. Anything lower than that should be consumed in 3 days or the taste will be useless.

A good wine with 15-30% alcohol can be kept longer in a cellar.

Wine type pronunciation

Here are the popular Red Wines and how to say it when you biy it or order it at a fancy restaurant


Below are the popular White Wines and how to say it when ordering



Old World and New World Wines

When they say that the Wine is from. The Old World Wines it means it comes from the first class wine makers of the world  like France,  Italy,  Germany and Spain.   Anywhere outside those Countries are called New World Wines.

The most expensive wine is priced thousands of pesos but if you are not a connoisseur and just want a bottle there are Inexpensive ones for as low as Php245.00 .

I tried Carlo Rossi white and red Moscato at the event and I am happy that it doesn’t  taste tangy or earthy, it was actually sweet.   I like my wine sweet .

The wine section of Metro Supermarket has a number of wine selection to suit your budget and taste.  You can use his blog post as guide as for thr type of wine to get and percentage of alcohol to get so your bottle won’t be put to waste.  Enjoy!


Non-alcoholic Sparkling

Meanwhile you can jazz up your holiday spread and make every party an exciting and joyous one with a bottle of Non-Alcoholic May 100% Sparkling Grape Juice. Whether it’s a big gathering or a party of two, no celebration is ever complete without a sparkling juice! May 100% Sparkling Grape Juice is a magnificent party-starter as it can be enjoyed by everyone to celebrate Christmas with a delicious gourmet meal as everyone snuggles by the Christmas tree and liven up the holiday spirit.

May 100% Sparkling Grape Juice is truly delightful to taste, radiating fresh and fruity flavors of Belgium’s finest and carefully selected grapes. It has no added sugar and preservatives so everyone is invited to savor the sweet taste of the grapes without guilt! This way, no one will be left out as you toast to Christmas with this wholesome, non-alcoholic sparkle that also happens to be delicious. Whether it’s a refresher for warm lunch gatherings or something that you can take to your picnics, a bottle of May Sparkling is all it takes to bring joy to the occasion.

As a versatile drink, you can also incorporate May Sparkling Grape Juice into handcrafted mocktails! Everyone loves its flexible taste that’s guaranteed to keep the good times rolling. So who says you need booze to provide the satisfying feeling of fizz and effervescence? With its spice-tinged flavor that’s made with no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives, your non-alcoholic drink is guaranteed a hit.
If you are looking for a Christmas gift that is fantastic but practical, May 100% Sparkling Grape Juice is a great choice! As a wholesome thirst-quencher, adding this to your Christmas gift baskets will surely make your family and friends truly grateful.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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