Baby on Board: A Brief Guide for First-Time Parents

Seasoned parents know a thing or two about sleepless nights, picky eaters and temper tantrums. But for new parents, there are many unknowns. There’s a lot of informative resources out there, from accredited, science-backed experts to experienced mommy bloggers. And when it comes to bringing your new baby home, there are a few things experts and mom bloggers alike believe all new parents should consider, including your will, life insurance policy and your must-haves for the baby. New parents, here’s your brief guide to bringing baby home.

Get Your House in Order

Prior to your due date, you’ll want to give your house a serious safety check. Although it might seem like ages until the baby will be up and crawling, parents will tell you that moment will come much sooner than you expect, which makes safety your number one priority.

First, baby-proof areas like kitchen cabinets that may contain harmful items like cleaning products. Magnetic locks on cabinets will do the trick. In your kitchen, make room for a bottle rack or baby food maker on your countertop. And be sure to wipe down the most germ-ridden areas of your home such as the kitchen sink and refrigerator handles. Additionally, be sure to check all of the smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors around your home to ensure that everyone, including baby, is safe at home.

And Your Important Docs, Too

Once you’ve got your home in order, you’ll want to get your important documents and files in order, too. If you don’t already have an easy-to-access and organized system in place, now is the time to do it.

Before the baby comes many new parents start their will. This important legal document details who will become legal guardian or backup guardian of your child if something were to happen to you and your spouse, a list and distribution of your assets and other important details. Additionally, new parents use the time before the baby arrives to secure a life insurance policy. A life insurance policy is essential and can ensure your child’s financial security if something were to happen to you. Whether you opt for term life insurance or permanent life insurance, USAA Life Insurance offers coverage flexibility and competitive military-related benefits.

When your due date comes, you’ll need important documents like birth certificates and social security cards on hand at the hospital. Keep all of your important documents stored in a binder or folder that can be placed somewhere secure in your home, like a safe or file cabinet for safe keeping.

New Baby, No Problem

Life changes when you have a baby. Your newborn will need around-the-clock care. And you and your partner will be responsible for taking care of the new baby. Before you bring your little bundle of joy home make sure to go through this comprehensive newborn checklist. The long list includes all of the newborn must-haves to make life with a new baby a little easier on you and your partner.

Soon you’ll be waking up for middle-of-the-night feedings and changing dirty diapers. Use this time before the baby arrives to get your home, files and baby essentials in order. Oh, and catch all the zzz’s you can, too.