Well will you look at that.  While people here in the Philippines rave so much about glutatione and other whitening treatments, the people in the United States, U.K., Canada and other Western countries are willing to pay hundreds of dollars just to get the perfectly tanned skin that we areContinue Reading

Pregnancy without gaining weight? Is that possible?  I am not sure.  Weight is something all pregnant moms have to battle. When I got pregnant I gained a couple of pounds and because of the baby growing inside it is literally impossible to do so. This book Pregnancy Without Pounds speaksContinue Reading

Every time my monthly period approaches I always feel bloated, my energy level is low and sometimes I will have skin breakouts. It’s a horrible feeling and I bet most women out there who still get their monthly period loathe the premenstrual syndrome (PMS). One of the ways to getContinue Reading

If you heard of the talk-show in IBC 13 Up Close and Personal then you are probably familiar with Ms. Marissa del Mar. She was once a popular actress in 1980’s and that was 20 years ago. She is now on her 50’s but she looks younger than her age,Continue Reading

The unpredictable weather can lower down our immune system if we don’t take care much about our body. The most common symptoms to hit us are colds, cough, body pains and fever. Treatments for Symptoms are usually available over the counter or we can always rely on tested home remediesContinue Reading

“Yoga is the art of rebalancing yourself, physically and mentally so that you reintegrate yourself with that which is peaceful, harmonious and joyous within you. It is a journey to finding your limits, expanding your boundaries and being able to relax into who you are.” I was able to holdContinue Reading