It’s Time To Get A Car

I really hate Manila taxi drivers they are so greedy that they make me want to get my own car so I don’t have to ride them anymore.  They pretend they don’t know the area you are going to so they can take you around for a ride and hike the meter up.  They ask for a flat rate at a very short distance blaming it on traffic.  They drive as if they are the only car on the road.

There are so many cars out there and honestly I don’t know what to look for.  All I want is an automatic, with a nice interior and exterior.  I am not sure if I am ready to drive an Ford F150.  I heard these “trucks” eats up gas a lot and not that practical to use especially with the recession and the price of gasoline see-sawing a lot.

The  2010 Honda Odyssey looks nice.  It’s a family mini van that is perfect for someone who drives with a kid or an entire family.  I think I don’t mind riding this one.  I heard the interiors are nice too.  I just have no idea about the performance.

I am also looking at this Saturn Aura which is a four-door sedan that looks very nice especially the lipstick red one I saw.  The interiors are nice and I heard nice review about it too.  The only thing that is not advisable about this car is it’s manufacturers, I heard they will be pulling out this one soon because GM is cutting down on cost. If only I had someone to shop cars with me I don’t have to read reviews with no practical basis or sorts.

Now if I want to ride something that looks a little vintage maybe I could try this plymouth prowler although I haven’t seen anyone use this kind of car for everyday use here in the Philippines it’s too eyecatching for the car nappers.

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