My Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs For 2010

Hello everyone.  I will no longer be holding a contest for my search for the emerging influential blogs for 2010 (compared to the  search I did last year for my 2009 list) as I have found the blogs that complete my list ergo my early submission to the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs For 2010 Writing Project.

This project, now on its 4th year, seeks to identify new and emerging blogs who are making an impact to its readers at present time.  The blogs that are allowed to be included in the list are blogs that started  anytime from March 1, 2009 to the present.

Here is my Top 10 List and why I think they are an emerging influential blog:

  1. Surviving Autism (  The Trials, Triumphs And Joys Of Loving, Living And Caring For A PWA (Person With Autism)

    Welcome to my personal blog.  I’m a parent of an eight year old girl with autism.  I didn’t know about the word or the disease until I was directly affected by it.    I know its vain of me to mention my own blog but I won’t waste your time or my time recommending a blog out of my desire to gain recognition.   In fact I wanted this blog to remain anonymous because the things I write are too personal but since my personal advocacy is autism awareness I decided to reveal this blog to inform other parents out there who are experiencing and experienced the same hopelessness because they have a very special child.  In this blog you will know how I find out about my daughter’s autism and how I am coping with it.  I dedicate this blog to share my experiences raising, living and surviving autism, which I hope can help other people who also cares for a person with autism.

  2. Matakaw Ako! (  Smorgasbord, Eat-All-You-Can, Buffet, Food Fiesta, Dine-in or Take Away, Have a Bite and Bon Appetite!

    I am someone with a voracious appetite,  I eat anything edible as long as I won’t have any allergic reaction to it or its not spoiled and poisonous (lol). This is a blog where I post about food and anything related to it, eating, preparing, selling etc. even my food discoveries which led me to nominating this blog.  Surprisingly an innocent post I made on March 2010  about the Ice Breaker Scramble (Ice Scramble) gained popularity and I received a lot of emails and comments on the blog inquiring about franchising the business.  When I posted in March there was only one cart serving Ice Scramble and 1 about to open today there are a dozen food cart open and growing.  I think thats something.

  3. Manila Concert Scene ( Your newest destination for concert news and updates! “We are proudly PINOY!” I admire this site for being the only niche blog that gives updates and news about fresh concert shows, news, updates, rumors, flicks and more here in Manila.  They cover the hottest concerts in Manila and is now acknowledge by major music companies.  The surprise is they only started this blog in December.  They are a bunch of high school students by the way.
  4. Mommy Lace ( Pregnancy, Baby and Mommy Blog I love how this blog documented everything from getting pregnant, knowing the news about her pregnancy, shopping for baby stuff, giving birth, first picture of her new baby, first blogger event of her baby up to losing weight after birth.  I learned so many new things about pregnancy I never knew 8 years ago from this blog.  This blog will really prepare you about mommy hood.  Go Mommy Lace!
  5. YesNoMeh ( A Boy, A Girl and Their Highly Opinionated Blog I super like the blog concept, a he said she said kinda thing.  Their blog actually made me wish my hunny will do blogging with me and we post our opinion about things like Lizz and Josh do.  Their photo graphics is so cute and I just love how they clash on their opinion sometimes which proves the difference of both gender.  Great job!
  6. Christian Homeschooler (  An attempt to journal bits and pieces of our family’s homeschooling journey I am surprised and amazed how Jenni is able to homeschool her son and do all her work at the same time.  Its good to learn that there are options like this here in the Philippines and there are places we can go to get materials .  Homeschooling indeed is not for everyone and its a dedicated choice.  Good job Mommy Jen.
  7. Fat Girl No More ( Saying Bye-Bye To Obesity One Day At A Time I hope this blog will be the step for Ria to reach her ideal weight and feel less insecure about her beautiful self.  I also hope this blog serves as an inspiration to others.  You can do it girl!
  8. Reluctant Stylista (  Traipsing the World of Style, One Fashionable Step At A Time A blog of a true blue stylist who claims to be once a tomboyish girl who now discovered the joys and perks of dressing up. Her post is so inspiring  I feel like reading a fashion magazine.
  9. Recyclebin Of A Middle Child ( Alex knows  how to live life and enjoy it even if work hinders his social life.  I enjoy reading his blogger event entries and the photos that comes along with it.  Happy Blogging!
  10. There are three food blogs that are struggling for the 10th spot they are Foodie Manila, Nomnom Club, and Thristy Blogger.   They are all equally good food blogs but this spot goes to Foodie Manila ( because I am such a visual person I so love the food shots it makes me want to try them out, so that would be the influence part.

I applaud Ms. Janette Toral for paving the way for new blogs to be recognized and Thank You to the support of sponsors such as Events and Corporate Video,Budget hotel in MakatiPinoy Party FoodCopyediting ServicesPR Agency PhilippinesBudget Travel PhilippinesSend Gifts to the Philippines, and Corporate Events Organizer for making this project possible.

Just a rundown, my nominees are:

  1. Surviving Autism
  2. Matakaw Ako!
  3. Manila Concert Scene
  4. Mommy Lace
  5. YesNoMeh
  6. Christian Homeschooler
  7. Fat Girl No More
  8. Reluctant Stylista
  9. Recyclebin of a Middle Child
  10. Foodie Manila

Goodluck!  and I hope other people will consider my list too especially my Surviving Autism blog.

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