The Body Shop Kajal Eyeliner Review

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The Body Shop Kajal Eyeliner Review

If there is one part on my face that I would highlight more often with make up, that would be my eyes. To find a product that can be used as an eye shadow and eye liner would be the greatest find of all the gorgeous finds.

What is Kahal?
Is a very dark eyeliner used by the women in the Middle East, India, Pakistan. It comes in different forms: liquid, pencil and powder. Kahal gives intense color to the eye. Older brands used to contain herbal properties such as castor oil, almond oil that gave it a distinct smell. Women in India used Kahal to get rid of the evil eye.

Kajal Eyeliner

Kahal eyeliner is a unique product that helps to define the eyes, to you can create intensity and reflect light. The Body Shop Kajal Eyeliner retails at Php695.00 each comes in three colors: Steel, Black and Green.

Kajal Eyeliner Swatches

How to use:
Apply to the lash lines for dramatic, dreamy eyes or smudge over the eyelid for a sultry, mouldering, eyeshadow look. You can use a blending blush or your ring fingertips to apply.


What do I think about it?

  • I think this is one of the best product ever invented as it serves two purpose, an eyeliner and an eye shadow.
  • I love the creamy texture as it easily glides onto skin despite its solid form packaging.
  • It doesn’t melt easily in intense heat.
  • It can be easily applied on the lids and the eye lines and is not irritating.
  • Steel smudges off easily compared to the black, I haven’t tried the blue one yet.
  • But overall its a good make up piece to have in your emergency make up kit.

Do I recommend The Body Shop Kahal Eyeliner?

I even created three different looks with the Kajal Eyeliner as the focal point/attraction.

Autumn Subtle Day Look

I used all the products from The Body Shop 2010 Autumn Trend Collection which includes the Kajal Eyeliner in Steel, Eye Colour eye shadow (in Golden Peach and Velvet Green),  Autumn Leaves Compact Blusher, and Colourglide™ Lip Colour in Peach.

Autumn Fire Day Look

Kajal Eyeliner in Steel, Eye Colour eye shadow (in Golden Peach and Velvet Green),  Autumn Leaves Compact Blusher, and Avon Ultra Color Rich Mega Impact Lipstick in 302 Divine Wine

Autumn Middle Eastern / Egyptian Look

Kajal Eyeliner in Steel and Black, Eye Colour eye shadow (in Golden Peach and Velvet Green), and  Autumn Leaves Compact Blusher.

Like the looks?  Get yours now!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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  1. I love the steel,though im not fond of wearing a liner.It looks good on you Ms.E:)

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