OOTD: Matchy-Matchy

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OOTD: Matchy-Matchy

Every mother and every daughter at one point in their lives want to be like their mom or opposite of their mom.  There is also this an unwritten S.O.P. with every parent that we think our kids are the extension of ourselves.  Parents sometimes think their kids can do the things they were not able to do when they were younger.  Some parents think that their child can pursue the dream  they were not able to achieve.

While this thinking is as stoopid as it gets.  I will admit to the thinking of dressing up my daughter the way I wanted to dress myself up.  In that way, she’s kinda the extension of me or we can it this way, she’s my life size live barbie doll.

When we go out, I deliberately make it a point that Tasha and I’s outfit are somehow matchy-matchy or compliments each other.  If I wear print I’ll have her wear printed.  If I wear pink I’ll have her wear pink.

Here we are in two different events and I was wearing my favorite pajama-like satin pants.

Outfit 1: Printed


What I wore:
Glittery Knitted Sleeveless Top: Trifted
Pajama-Like Pants: SM Ladies Fashion
Flat Ladies-Topsiders: Sole Diva’s Purse Shoes (Cinderella Glorietta)
Custom Bracelets: Anagon Collection

What daughter wore:
Printed Floral Dress: Ashley Dy
Gold Flats: Yosi Samra

Outfit 2: Flesh/Tan


What I wore:
Gold Metallic Electric Pleated Tank-Top: Top Shop
Black Sports Bra: Wacoal
Watch: Veloci Watch

What daughter wore:
Black and tan short dress with ribbon: Korean Shop

For mom’s out there do you also like to play matchy-matchy dressing with your daugher/kids ?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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