Anne Curtis Perfect Partnership with Plains and Prints Event

Anne Curtis adds another feather in her cap as she was named the latest muse and endorser of Plains and Prints. For her debut she showcased the brands Pre-Fall Collection 2013 – the Berlin and Pink Persuasion line which features stylish pieces suited for young professional working women.

Wearing a piece from the Berlin Persuasion Anne strut and sang for the crowd confidently displaying how comfortable she is in her Plains and Prints ensemble.

Anne Curtis Plains and Prints Perfect Partnership
Anne Curtis Plains and prints perfect Partnership
Here’s a short video clip of her posted on my Instagram singing Titanium LIVE wit a lot of confidence!

Anne is such a darling!

Anne Curtis Plains and Prints Perfect Partnership
According to Plains and Prints owner Roxanne Ang Farillas, Anne’s personality and lifestyle reflect what the brand stands for – young, fresh and fashionable! “And she’s the type of woman who can go for different styles and trends, but still retain her smart and sophisticated image.”

Anne Curtis Plains and Prints Perfect Partnership
With that note Anne Curtis and Plains and Prints is definitely a Perfect Partnership.

If you want to see more of the brands Pre-Fall 2013 Collection you may visit or visit a store near you!

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